Thursday, August 30, 2012


The Last stop on our North West trip was Seattle.  We were only there for about a day and a half.  We took our rental car and drove all the way from Tillamook up the coast to Seattle.  We thought the drive would only be 4 hours and it ended up being more like 7.  Porter was so sick of driving.  He kept giving me dirty looks when I would look at the GPS and be like, "it's okay honey, I swear we are almost there."

Seattle was a whirl wind.  First thing we did when we got there was have lunch with one of my good friends from college, Marza.  She and her boyfriend met us at a sushi bar.  It was so fun catching up.  She is acting out there in the city.  And she is going to be starring in "My Fair Lady" this fall!
We stayed at a hotel right in the middle of downtown.  And thank goodness for Yelp, we used it a bunch looking for places to eat.  We had dinner at a fabulous little tappas place called Tango.  Then we hit up the Betsy Johnson store and the Nike store and called it a day.
 Next day we were up, bright eyed and bushy tailed thanks to our visit to the original Starbucks.  Porter was so excited!  

 We watched the guys throw fish, and walked along the market.  I loved seeing all the beautiful flowers in there.  I kept hoping that Porter would get me some, but then when he actually walked up to the flower stand to buy some I quickly stopped him, I mean we were leaving the next day, kind of silly to have a giant bouquet of flowers for one day.  But next time we are there, I'm getting a ton of flowers!
 We had to stop at the Gum Wall.  It's the second most unsanitary tourist attraction in the world, Second only to the Blarney stone.  We of course made our contribution to the wall.

 Later that day we caught a bus our to a section of town call 'Fremont.'  It was very cute, however there were zombies everywhere.  Apparently, there was a zombie festival going on that day.  We were trying to find this big guy, the troll, but we ended up taking a detour as we were distracted by the zombies and ended up going in the completely wrong direction.  We finally found it though.  We also grabbed lunch at the Royal Grinders, they have fabulous sandwiches and great gelato.  I highly recommend taking a tip our to Fremont when you hit up Seattle.

 Finally, we got to meet up these cool people.  My Uncle Mark and his fiancĂ©, Brandy.  They took us to some great places dinner and dessert.  Then Mark walked us all around the city.  It was fun hanging our with them.  I hope we can make it back out to the city to see them again soon.
Yay for summer trips!!!