Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Performance Lab

I did it!  My first pole performance has been completed.  I was actually really nervous, which is super silly since I'm used to doing things in front of people.  I think it's because I had never done this type of performance before.  Anyway, it went well, except for at the end when another girl's leg collided with mine.  She went a little later than usual and we smacked shins.  I totally forgot what was next, and you can tell in the video, I'm sitting smiling like a fool cause I can't remember what happens next!  We actually did the dance again, but Porter watched instead of filming, although the second time was much better, I wish I could show you that one.  Hope you enjoy the performance!
 The Trio

Afterwards, Porter and I played on the poles.  Our friends Brenden and Tiffany came and played too, but I couldn't manage to snap a shot of their mad pole skills!  If you live in Salt Lake City go and check out La Bombe Pole Fitness!

A Bowl Full of Cherries

My neighbor has the biggest, most beautiful cherry tree in the whole neighborhood.  Every year when the cherries are ripe I stare at them longingly, wishing the tree were mine.  Every year the neighbors come out and the pick their glorious cherries and I am left having to pay an arm and a leg for a tiny bag at the farmers market.
This year was different.  Our neighbors had moved but the house had not sold, so Porter called and asked them if we could pick the cherries........and they said YES!!!  I was so excited.  Finally I would taste the sweet cherry flesh that I had yearned for.  So, Sunday morning, Porter went out and picked a huge bowl of cherries.  He brought them in, washed them off and we began feasting.  They were so good we just popped them in our mouth.  We ate at least 30-40 yesterday each.   Today we both took a bag to work thinking they would be a delicious snack.
At lunch I opened up the bag, but I noticed something on the bottom.  There was a little white worm looking at me.  I picked out that cherry and threw it away.  I grabbed another, but then a thought hit me, what if????  So I split the cherry in half and to my horror there was a little white worm in the middle of the cherry.  Very distraught I began splitting all the cherries in my bag, and you guessed it, every single one had at least one worm, some had two!  I grabbed my phone and dialed Porter.  I had him go to his bag and split them all and sure enough, worms everywhere!  Gross, gross, gross, gross!!!!!!  This means that yesterday I ingested at least 30-40 worms!!!!  Ignorance is bliss, but knowing is awful.  I have had a stomach ache all today just imagining all the little guys wriggling around in there.  Porter told me it's the price we pay for organic food.  I just don't know, and now I have a huge bowl of cherries that I feel awful throwing away because they are practically perfect minus their tiny friends.  Happy Monday ya'll!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthday Boy

 My baby brother turned 22 yesterday.....tear.  He is getting all grown up.  This is the first birthday we have celebrated with him in two years since he was on a mission for the LDS church for the past two years.  And this will be the last one he celebrates by himself, as he is getting married in two months.  I'm sure his lovely fiancee would have loved to be here but she is attending school at BYU-Idaho and had to be in Rexburg.
Kit has been dying to get Indian Food.  He ate it a lot on his mission and is always raving about it.  My Dad took us out to A Taste of India in Layton, Utah.  It was very good.  I got a coconut korma, and some nan bread.  
 They had the birthday boy get all fancy so they could sing him a birthday song!  We got him a shirt from one of my favorite online shops, Threadless.  They make really fun clothing.  We got him a shirt titled, "Balloons over Edinburgh." Plus he also scored an Irish cookbook and a gift card to Pibb's Exchange.  Not too shabby if you ask me.
The best thing about eating out on your birthday: Free Dessert!

10 things you didn't know about my brother:
  1. He is super ticklish 
  2. His favorite color is green
  3. He has two tetra fish in his room that have been alive for over 5 years
  4. His favorite activity as a child was playing in the sandbox with dump trucks
  5. he can fix a car with a leatherman
  6. He does not like sushi
  7. He once fed my mother a potato bug that was hidden in a cookie on Mother's Day
  8. He is a swimmer and pole vaulter
  9. He works at Dallas Greens
  10. He is engaged to one of his best friend's old girlfriend

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Muai Thai Pro Fight

Saturday night Porter was so excited.  First of all, we had been very stressed all day, it was car shopping/buying day for us.  And it was the first time either of us had purchased a car without the parentals around.  So, it was pretty stressful.  We ended up buying a car, hooray!  Which I will blog about later, but this set us up for just wanting to go relax that night.
Porter works out at a Muai Thai Kick-box Gym close to us and they were hosting a Fight that night.  Neither us had ever been to a live fight.  It was SO FUN!  I highly recommend going to them.  I was also able to meet his buddies that he fights with.  I think I definitely need to start working out at that gym, there is some pretty nice eye candy there!
The night started with a bunch of amateur fights and then was slated to end with two pro fights.  There were even two women's fights.  Porter has now informed me that he wants to fight in either the October fight or January fight.  I'm kind of excited, although I think for the 6 minutes of him fighting there will be a non-ending stream of vocalization for me, even with the people I didn't know I was yelling and hooting and hollering with the best of them.
This is a video of the first pro fight we watched.  I was so excited for this fight.  The black guy was from Porter's gym and everyone said was hard core and hit 'like a Mac Truck.'  The white guy was an unknown from Las Vegas.   This was 'the fight' of the evening.  However, it only lasted 55 seconds.  The black guy get's knocked out at about 30 seconds, Porter and all of his buddies were shocked!!!  It was such a sad moment for the peeps from the gym.  Their hero had been slain.  It wasn't a total knock-out, but he couldn't stand up straight, so he couldn't defend himself, which means the other guy won.  I really like watching fights, it may be my favorite sport to watch, who knew?!