Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We are moving to Australia!

We are moving to Australia.  Or at least that is what Porter thought for about 5 minutes.  Just kidding.

April Fool's!!!

I had an idea this afternoon about how to prank Porter.  I usually pull off pretty good stuff.  However, Porter expects it of me, so I have to get other people involved.  So I emailed his awesome boss, and asked if he would tell Porter that the company needed him to move to Australia in June.  He said he was in!  So I waited....

We went to dinner, and Porter said he had to make a call to his boss really quick.  I was only too happy to oblige.  While on the phone the conversation went perfectly.  They talked about some accounts in APAC and how well they were going.  The conversation shifted.  Then Porter stopped talking and this was the look on his face.

I feel like I can see the thoughts about doing another international move in such a short time flitting across his face.  Keep in mind, we've just gotten settled here in London.   Now it's not like we wouldn't be super excited if a real opportunity presented itself, in like a year or two.  But thinking about packing up again so soon would be stressful.  As you can see by the pictures.

Afterwards, this is what I happened.  I was holding my phone so he didn't realize it was on, that what's why it's a little off center and wobbly.

He had no words for me when he was done!   One of the best April Fool's EVER!!!  And it couldn't have been done with out the help of the the Fabulous Darren Jaffrey.  

 Until next year,  Darling.