Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our New London Home!

The past 6 weeks have been such a whirlwind.  In short we have: visited family all over the Western U.S., house hunted in London, graduated, attend work conferences both state side and internationally, completely moved out of our Sugar House Home, finished our visa application, celebrated multiple birthdays,and finished watching season two of Orange is the New Black.  It's been busy at the Fair-Williams household.  While I catch up on my blogging, I thought I would leave you with some pictures of our new London digs.

This last house hunting trip was so much better than the first.  We almost missed our international connecting flight to Heathrow from Minneapolis, but that was the only thing that was really stressful.  The house we chose was the 5th one we saw on the first day of our tour.  We pretty much had decided we wanted it by the end of that first day.  Our agent put an offer in at 9 am the next day.  20 minutes later another offer came in.  It made me so mad!  They upped the price by £50 a month, so we had to match or lose it.  We grumbled a bit, but in the end we matched.

The place was right at the very top of our price range, but it is worth it (at least I sure hope so).  The property management seems good, and their office is right down the street.  The house itself is right in the heart of Wimbledon, and less than 5 minutes to the Tube.  There are shopping plazas right around the corner as well as access to huge parks for the dogs.  The house has a giant yard, 2 bedrooms, a lovely bathroom with a claw foot tube and a separate shower, a reception room and a dining room.  It didn't come with everything I was hoping for, but does a house ever?  I think not, so I compromised at went with good kitchen, large yard, nice bathroom, excellent location, and a nice neighborhood.  We are very excited to get moved in and have friends and family to come visit!!!

Street View

The Kitchen

Reception Room


 And it has a shower! (a must for Porter)

 The 2nd Bedroom

The Backyard