Monday, January 31, 2011

Conquers of Catan

Have you ever played Settlers of Catan? If you haven't, you need to. It is such great fun!!! I love it, although, I must admit it brings out a side of me that is a little scary. I get really competitive, and if things start going south, Oh, boy....look out. Some times, I honestly don't think Porter and I should be allowed to play together, I get so mad at him when he takes me out. And he does almost every game! He is the Evil Empire of Catan!
We went to dinner with our good friends Brendan and Tiffany. They are an adorable couple, and so much fun to hang out with! Tiffany and I work together, that's how we all met. After dinner we invited them over to play games. I hadn't played Catan in so long that I was a little rusty, but it felt so good to play again! We must have a rematch soon. Except for this time, I think I should win, haha! Brendan and Porter were tied for a long time, but Brendan pulled ahead to win the whole thing. And now he is Internet famous as the Conquer of Catan! That is until next time *insert sound effect* dun...dun.....Dun!!!!

This is the ending game board. The goal is to build cities and settlements and expand your empire. I was blue, so you can see I didn't really expand, I got all boxed in by the mean boys. :P

The very cute Brendan and Tiffany! Did I mention they are engaged!!!! And you can see Puck in the background, he was so in a tizzy all night. Tiffany had a laser pointer, and she would periodically shine it around the room. Puck was in constant state of excitement the whole night.

When playing Catan, one must plan strategically.

All night the dogs kept fighting over who got to be petted. Puck is winning right here. "And jealousy rears it's fluffy white head." -Tiffany

I did some fun make-up that night. One, because I love trying new colors and looks out. Two, in "Hairspray" (which opens Feb. 14) I need to be wearing blues and greens, so I wanted to take a test drive with them. The verdict: I like it! I think I might wear them more often. I have a blue I love, it's MAC water nymph. It's very pretty.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Photos hiding on my Phone

Going through my phone I found some pictures that have been hiding for a while. I find that many of photos that I take on my phone, stay on my phone. So today, they are escaping!

Puck as a the Great Pumpkin and Daisy as a Dinosaur at the PetCo Costume Contest. They didn't win :( A miniature something or other that was wearing Build-a-Bear outfit won. But, there is always next year, dun...dun....DUN!

We were insulation Ninjas when we were putting insulation in our basement.

My Husband in cartoon form (yes, I drew him, and yes, I know, he's HOT!)

The most adorable apron ever. My grandma made it for me for my birthday. It has cupcakes all over it.

Our babies!

Window Shopping on the Couch

I'm stuck here on the couch for another, and hopefully my last day. While I've been sitting here I've been browsing the web and oggling some of my favorite clothing sites. Maybe it's the warmer weather, but man, I really want to buy some spring dresses. We are going to France in May, so I'm feeling like I need some new clothes. However, I find my tastes wandering more and more toward the vintage styles. That's right new "old" clothes! I really want to go to Decades, a great vintage clothing store in SLC. But since I'm stuck at home I'm window shopping online. Just thought I would share some sites with you!

All Stuffed Up

I had surgery on Thursday. I haven't had surgery since I was in the 4th grade and had my tonsils out. All I remember of that was a stuffed teddy bear, lots of Popsicles and taking my shriveled tonsils to show and tell the next Friday. All in all a pretty harmless experience. So when we opted to have my deviated septum fixed, I was like this will be no big deal.
I get alot of sinus infections that result in my voice running away and hiding for a few weeks at a time, which as a singer and vocal teacher is no good. My ENT (who is great!) told me that I had a deviated septum, and also my terbinates were a little lope sided. He said he could fix them with surgery and that I would probably get a lot less infections.

I went in for my surgery at 10 am on Thursday. I was really scared to get an IV, but my nurse was fantastic and it really didn't hurt. I actually think it hurt more taking it out. We waited and I finally went to the operating room around 12pm. The procedure took about an hour. All I remember was a nice warm fuzzy feeling. Apparently I was really chatty after I woke up, I also kept telling everyone I liked the anesthesia and would like some more. Haha! I like my sleep!
I went home feeling quite woozy hopped up on a bunch of stuff. All I wanted was Gatorade and goldfish. I've been healing well, but more than a few hours up and I wear out. I'm hoping by Tuesday I will be up to my full schedule. The Doctor said everything went well. I really want to sing and find out how my voice sounds, but I need to wait a bit to do that.

After surgery, Porter having sympathy nose bleeds with me.
(P.S. me showing you pics of me with no make-up strung out on pain meds totally makes us real friends now!)

Today we went to Sage's, a vegetarian cafe, for breakfast. We met up with our friends Ali and Jon, they are very fun! We always enjoy getting together with them and enjoying delicious food while discussing the world :-) Plus it was so nice to get out of the house since I have been stuck on the couch for 4 days. Yay for Sunday Brunch!!! Oh, I got the apple frittata(above), it was quite yummy.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Porter, the next David Bowie???

I got Porter this great ball for Christmas that he can use to practice contact juggling. He's been trying to learn new trick with it. I told him I'm going to film him once a month or so and put it on my blog so we can all see his progress! Hehe, then he'll have incentive to practice! His movements are really fast right now. I guess in contact juggling, you are supposed to slow it down, but it takes alot of practice to be able to do that. Anyhow, enjoy! Oh, and there is a weird vibrating noise that happens halfway through, just ignore it, I think it was my phone telling me I had an e-mail or something.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paw Paws Dog Wash

Today we visited a really fun new place, Paw Paws self service dogs wash. And just like the title implies, you take your dogs there and you wash them. We weren't really sure what to expect, but as soon as we got there we immediately received the red carpet treatment. They give you your own big tub with a sprayer full of nice warm water and aprons so you don't get wet. Also, they have great shampoos and conditioners that are biodegradable and you get to choose what kind you want. We chose a black and white shampoo that has squid ink in it, it is supposed to keep their coats very white.
So after we washed both of them, we moved on to the blow drying section. They set you up with a grooming table and awesome high powered blow dryers. Then you can brush, clip and dry them to your little hearts content. They provide great brushes, towels, nail clippers, hair clippers, scissors, pretty much anything you need to give your dog a fabulous new do. We really dug it. I totally felt like professional dogie stylist, and Puck was pretty much the Fabio of canines when he was finished! Also, the price is great. $13 per dog (medium size) and we got a 10% discount because we had two. So about $26 for both. When we take them to PetSmart, it's over $100! Need less to say, we are going back. I highly recommend you check it out if you have a canine friend. It's a great bonding experience for both parties plus it's a fun activity. Btw they did not ask or pay me to write this! Haha, just in case you are wondering. I just think it's a great local business that we should support, plus its so fun!

Here is a link to their web page so you can go check it out or if you want to go check it out in person, they are more than happy to give you a tour of the facility, that's what we did. Happy washing to you and your puppies!

Where have I been???

So, I haven't done a post in about a week. And it's not because I forgot or didn't want too, quite the opposite actually. I've been so proud of all the posts I've been doing, so the little voice has been nagging at me constantly to blog. Unfortunately, I've been so tired every night when I get home that I have no energy to get on the computer. Why do I have no energy??? Well, let me tell you! I am involved in a really fun musical called "Hairspray." I play Amber Von Tussel, she is the brat in the show. We are in the thick of rehearsals. This is a clip from a number we staged today. It's the opener of Act II. We are all in jail at this point. It's called "The Big Doll House." This is going to be a very fun show! It opens Feb. 11 at the brand new Center Point Legacy Theatre. I'm in the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday cast.

However, I'm getting surgery this Thursday on my nose. I have a deviated septum and I've had it scheduled for months now. I'm so nervous!!!!! I hope it only takes me a few days to recover, fingers crossed! Oh, and I hate needles, so not looking for to the IV and such.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just the Best

I would like to jot down some of my favorite things/places in Salt Lake City of 2010. And I would highly recommend to go check them out. Most of them are food establishments, but what can I say, I love food! Especially yummy food!

Best Cupcakes

I love So Cupcake! The cupcakes are the best I've tasted, and believe me, I've tasted alot!

Best Cookies
These cookies are Heavenly. They name all the cookies after a 50's style pin-up girl. It's very cute. My favorites are the "Susie," Josephine," and "Lily."

Funnest Restaurant

The Bayou is just fun! We love to go hang out there. The always have great live jazz music and the food is yummy. My favorite is the spinach salad with the pesto vinaigrette, delicious!

Best pizza

This place knows there pizza. Our favorite time to go is Sunday nights. They have all you can eat pizza and salad. A server brings really cool and crazy pizzas around and offers you a slice and you can either accept or decline. It's a lot of fun!

My Favorite Restaurant

Cafe Trio

Rosemary Flat bread. The best flat bread ever created! Fin.

Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Sage's is very good, and it's all organic vegan. Although, the food is so delectable you would never guess that it is all vegan. We love this place, and I think that vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike will love this place.

Best Coffee Shop

They make the best Chai latte. It's my favorite drink. Plus they always have live music and a piano anyone can go play (which may or may not always be a good think). Also the atmosphere is very fun and inviting to just chill in.

Favorite Breakfast joint

The breakfast biscuits, oh the biscuits! They are so huge and rich but oh so tasty! This cute little place is located up emigration canyon. It's a fun drive up the canyon and lets you feel like you are getting away, even though it only takes 15 minutes to get to. The food is very good, but I recommend getting there early, as this is alot of other people's favorite place too!

Best Shopping for the $$$I'm always looking for a deal when I go shopping. I hate spending more that $20 on anything. If you are like me then you will love these too places. Alot of fun, unique and exciting clothing, that won't really make a dent in the pocket book. Uptown is more mainstream trendy clothes, some new and some second hand. Pib's is definitely on the punky alternative edge, but it's a lot fun to go to. Even my parents like to to there to see what they will find. I love shopping at little shops like this. It feels like I'm on a treasure hunt every time!

I'm always looking for new places to visit, any recommendations???

Some camera fun!

What happens when I have a free afternoon and my camera batteries charged.
Mr. and Mrs Williams
my ode to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I feel it looks as if we are just about to pull out semi-automatics and pull some awesome ninja moves


Mafia members participating in shady dealings


Porter and Daisy being just as cute as they can be!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Living the Real Simple Life

Living the 'real' simple life. This is a great clip! I am such a huge fan of gardening and trying to grow your own food even if you live in the city, like I do. This family grows all their own food on only a 5th of an acre, a 5th! Can you believe that??? That is how much land we have and I can't imagine growing everything we would need. They also have chickens, ducks and a goat. Oh, and I must thank my lovely mama from the clip, she sent it too me.

After watching this, I turned to Porter, who immediately gave me that look of "I know what you are thinking" and said, "no, honey I don't want to be a farmer." He is so funny! Little does he know, I'm slowly converting more and more of the yard to garden space, and I have plans to get chickens some day. Hehe!

Also, just a little tip. If you want to grow some fresh food but don't have alot of room or time to grow a huge garden, I have an idea. Last year I bought a big pot at Home Depot for $20 and filled it with dirt($6) and then bought some of my favorite herbs: basil, oregano, thyme and parsley ($12) and planted them. I put the pot on my back step which is like 10 steps from the kitchen. Every time I cooked or made a salad I would just go out and grab some fresh herbs. It made my cooking tasted divine, and it was relatively simple and cost effective. Because fresh herbs from the store are 1: not fresh, and 2: cost alot! I loved having my herb pot so much I'm going to make two or three next summer.....Porter doesn't know this yet either. I think if you try the herb pot you will be very happy with the results!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Which one???

Water. We drink it everyday. It's one of those things in life we just do. I have actually been drinking mostly water with only a little juice and milk. It is the healthiest drink for us I've been told. But sometimes I get bored with the same old tap water day in and day out. So, I become fond of some different bottled waters, and then I was introduced to Fiji water. That is what ruined me I think. Just the packaging and the bottle were so alluring, and the taste...oh the taste! It was exotic water, imported water. I then started trying "artisan water" or waters bottled from different countries and exported to water snobs like myself. I tried different waters from around the world. So far, I think my favorite is a brand from Iceland. And maybe I just like it because they spouted a bunch of info about the pH level in it being perfect for our body and Icelanders living longer because of the water, but the water tastes so delicious.

Porter thinks my water obsession is silly. Whenever we go to Whole Foods I look at the water section longingly, especially at the Voss water. Over my shoulder I hear that distinct "Honey." Which translated means "don't even think about it, we are not spending $4 on a bottle of water" But it doesn't stop me from eyeing that glittery, refreshing beauty sitting on the shelf.

To prove to Porter that there was a difference in the water I bought a bottle of Voss and Fiji waters. Then I filled up a bottle of water from our fridge filter. I put them all in the fridge so they would be the same temperature. Then we took 3 identical, clear, shot glasses and I had Porter fill them up in the kitchen, so I couldn't see, putting one cup with each kind of water. He then brought them out and I was challenged to distinguish each of the waters.

It took me about 3 minutes of taking little sips of all of them. One was a little metallic tasting, another was mild and the third was a bit thinner. Then came the moment of truth. Glass one: Voss, glass two: fridge filter, glass three: Fiji ................ I waited in suspense .................. Correct! Porter said I got all three right!!!!!! Hooray! I can now get my artisan water and not feel badly because I can taste a difference! Although, I do admit $4 for a glass of water is a bit extravagant. Perhaps every once in a while, just as a treat :D

Oh, I had Porter take the taste test two. He guessed the Fiji, but mixed up the Voss and the fridge filter.

Let me know if you have a favorite water, I would love to try it!!!!