Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kit is Home!

My little brother came from serving in the Scotland/Ireland LDS Mission on Tuesday night. I was so excited to see him! Although, it was weird giving him a hug at first, I couldn't believe he was actually here and we could touch him. He had become this voice that I heard on Christmas and Mother's Day and letters every Monday. But he is home, hurray! I am not an only child anymore!

Kit and my mom coming down the terminal at the airport at 10:20 last night. They had been flying and hanging out in airports for 24 hours straight. They weird almost zombified when they got here. Good thing we arrived in time to see them before they started eating brains.

Tonight, we went up to visit since they had time to sleep and recover. And of course we had to have a fashion show!

Kit's African outfit from Nigeria. I'm not sure how he got it in Scotland. He was doing a little dance for us when we snapped this.

Kit with his traditional kilt. Apparently, it's a kilt until you put something on underneath it, then it's a skirt! Hahahahaha! (True words, spoken by my mother) Kit looks great in his kilt. I think he is going to speak in it on Sunday. BTW he has to speak for 45 minutes straight, that is a long time! He wants me to sing, but I don't know of any good returning missionary songs. Any suggestions?

Kit then decided to show us is not-so-traditional get up.

The Crazy Scotsman Look!

Apparently he didn't like my comment.

Good thing Dad stepped to help.

Don't mess with those Scots!

Did I mention: Girls Rule and Boys Drool

To the Victor, go the spoils!

We are so happy to have the little brother/world traveler/missionary man/crazy Scotsman back home in good ole' Utah. Welcome home Kit!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Ghost Train

The Heber Valley Railroad is a great place to go hang out. We go there at least 3-4 times a year to play. Although, you have to be careful, sometimes when we play we die. Porter did last night! Now, I don't really mean die as in dead, just die for fun. Are you lost yet? We perform in murder mysteries up there for the Chameleons Who Done It Group. Basically, a group of about 7 of us memorize our scripts, put on our costumes, run some lines and then go put on a great evening of entertainment full of fun, laughs and good times. At least one person dies in each mystery, sometimes more, and it's the audiences job to figure out who did it and why.

Last night we did one of my favorites. The characters are all on the train to hear about the ghosts that haunt the railroad. It is full of zany characters all with different motives. The show really chugs along, until one of the characters, Stu Keppler, is murdered. At this point, everyone is a suspect. The characters go ramble with the audience dropping little clues here and there in hope that one master minded sleuth can solve the mystery!

The characters from our show last night:

The Tour Guide A.K.A Choo-choo Charlie

The Ghost Groupie


The Tourists

'Kitty and Willadean'

The Clairvoyant


The Hollywood Agent


The Hollywood Bimbo


The Ghost Buster


The mysteries are really fun, plus you get a dutch oven cooked dinner and an evening train ride along the mountains and a beautiful reservoir. And who knows, maybe you will even see me! The mystery trains are a blast and I think you should all go try it at least once. Then on your way out of Heber, you have to get gelato at the Spin Cafe, it's so good! It's become our tradition to stop there on our way home and grab some for the road. The perfect ending to a great night!

The Sugarhouse Fireworks

We had a great Independence Day. We went on a fun hike, which I posted about a few days ago. We then went home and proceeded to put new shelves up in our bathroom (we had been using a flimsy shower shelf unit as an actual shelf unit, classy I know!). We also finished putting up a divider in our garden to keep the bark in it's spot and not on the patio. Then we napped, which is the BEST thing to do on a hot summer day after a long hike and projects. At least I think so. Then we were off to the the Sugar House Fireworks.

If you have never been, you should. It's crazy! There are so many people, like thousands. We parked at our friends house and walked quite a ways. People were fighting for parking a mile a way. Seriously insane, and I love it! There is something so invigorating about taking on the masses and coming out victorious. We plowed through the people with our little entourage. Then we found a hot piece of grass. We spread out our blankets and got comfy as it was only 8:30 and the show didn't start until 10:00. You might think we were early, but we saw people staking out their spots when we left for our hike that morning, we're not that hard core.
While we waited, we practiced our firework faces with the appropriate oohs and ahhs.

We went with a group of friends. Curtis, Jill and I were very happy, the fireworks were going to start soon. Porter could take his eyes of the sky though for fear of missing the first firework!

The Fireworks did start, and it was quite a show! 25 minutes of non-stop fireworks is pretty awesome, so is snuggling up with with my favorite Porter to watch them. When show was over, it took us an hour to get home. Normally we only live 10 minutes away from the park. THAT is how crazy and and crowed that place gets. It's intense! Hope to see you all there next year!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Quality Time

Porter's idea of a Great night: Eat a tasty dinner and play World of Warcraft.

My idea of a Great night: Make some delicious salad with my new salad spinner and then go take some pictures next to some crazy graffiti.

I won. (hehehe!)

I told Porter that I wanted to practice with my camera, however, it is hard setting up shots and then running like a crazy woman to jump into place before the little beeper goes off. Geez, it really stresses me out. I much prefer to take other people pictures rather than us the little self timer function. But we got some fun shots. Hope you enjoy!

Sometimes we act serious, but only sometimes.

For this last one, I got a little crazy with the editing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Little Prince

We have two standard poodles, Daisy and Puck. Daisy is sweet and very mild. Puck is either full of crazy, happy energy or lounging about in style. He doesn't like to sleep on the floor. He is either on the couch or our bed. Not only does he prefer furniture to the ground, he insists on sleeping on pillows. At night, if I'm not in bed first, I have to fight him for my pillow and my spot! And by fight, I mean literally picking him up and moving him. If he doesn't want to move, he goes all limp and pretends to not hear you, let alone move for you. (He weighs 50 lbs.)
He is so funny! Porter and I both sit on our big couch, and Puck will take the love seat all for himself. And, yes, we know, they are spoiled and we are enablers, but how can you say 'no' to face like his?
His favorite pillows on the couch.

He loves the decorative pillows on the bed.

Afternoon snooze time

"Blue Steel"

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Climbing Uphill

Today, we decided to go hiking. We had tried this hike last Sunday, but we forgot bug spray and I was driven to madness from all the flies buzzing me. So we only made it about three-quarters of the way up before turning around. This time we invited some friends and headed up the canyon, and guess what?! We forgot bug spray, again. I know, brilliant! Apparently, we are slow learners. However, today turned out to be the most beautiful day for hiking. It was over cast, and actually drizzled a little. We welcomed the rain, as we hiked for an hour and a half uphill. We reached the top though! It was beautiful to look out over the valley.
The dogs loved getting out, I think next time we need a doggie back pack for them though. I only brought my point-n-shoot camera, so the pictures aren't the best quality, but I don't think Porter would have wanted to pack my big camera way up there, and I sure didn't!

Our lovely friends joined us on this outing. Jill actually saved the day, she had some special bug spray and let us use it!

Here we are all posing for a commercial break for Justin's Nut Butter .

Seriously, if you have never tried this stuff, it is heaven. Plus there is hardly any sugar in it at all. It comes in tons of flavors (my favorite is Maple Almond Butter), and it come in handy, dandy little packets. Like the one above. They are great little protein snacks for hiking. Me+Nut Butter= <3

You can get them at whole foods, the chocolate hazelnut is better than nutella!!!

Anywho, we had a great day hiking and will probably go back for more, but next time we will be armed and ready with bug spray! So watch out nasty little biting flies.