Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Graduate

My husband is finally graduating!!! It's been 3 long years, but the time has come (insert processional music here) He will be receiving his Masters of Business Administration, or MBA, on May 28 at 1:45 at the Maverick Center. You are all invited if you want to come!!! It's going to be a party. I am currently searching for the loudest air horn available. I'm so excited to have him home in the evenings and no more homework. It will be the first time since we've been together that neither of us will be doing home work. However, it will be the first time that we've had a student loan to pay for. Both of our undergrads were completely paid for by scholarships and such, but for a Master's we had to do some loans. It's like having a brand new fancy car payment, without the brand new fancy car. Boo to loan payments, but yay for Master's Degree and having the hubby home! So like I said, party on May 28th :-)

Did I mention that the big culmination of this is an international trip to Paris, France; to which I am bumming along for. And I leave in 2 days!

Westminster, the school that ate my husband for 3 years.

We have something for purple and silver schools

The handsome graduate

I'm so proud of him!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Friday Night Fun

Friday night we decided to try something new, The Chow Truck. It's this 5 star, Asian gourmet restaurant on wheels. Plus, they always are parking at different spots, so you have to look at their website to see where it's going to be, kind of like a food treasure hunt. Well, we found them, it just took a couple U-turns and a couple dirty looks from Porter. (I may have told him 4th east when I really meant 4th west, oops!) But it was worth it in the end.

I got a calamari slider and a tofu taco. I didn't like the taco, but I loved the slider. We also ate in the car, because it was too chilly outside. I love eating in the car, Porter thinks I'm funny.

They have these awesome little crunchies....yum, yum!

Finally, we went to Target. I wanted to look for a yellow cardigan, which I still haven't found. However, I found this awesome hula hoop. So, I had Porter test it out for me. I've been obsessed with finding a hula hoop since last summer when we saw this girl hulaing at the farmer's market. She was fierce. I want to practice so I can be fierce.

BTW: We got bought the hula hoop, and I've been practicing!

Monday, April 4, 2011

1st Jazz Game Ever

On Friday, Porter texted me and asked if I would like to go to a Jazz game that night. I replied, "haha! April fools." He later called and said it wasn't April Fools and that a vendor that works with his company gave them some great tickets. He really wanted to go, and who am I to stand in the way of a man and his basketball.

So, we went. They even gave us a swanky parking pass that got us V.I.P parking. Then we headed up stairs to the Sports Club for dinner, which was fabulous! We were on top of the Energy Solutions Area, eating lobster kabobs and nutella filled crepes (they were the best part of dinner). Then we headed down to our seats on row 8. Yep, I said row 8. It was great, we could see the players faces and everything. The game was very exiting. It was against the Lakers (BOOOO!), the Jazz did so good in the first half. I actually thought we might win. But the Lakers owned the floor the second half and we lost. Sadness! But all in all, it was a really fun time, and my first live Jazz game!