Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Art Wall

While driving around a few weeks ago I took a different route.  As I was driving a big old wall of color caught my attention.  I actually almost went into another lane because I was so distracted by this beautiful wall of art.  I quickly flipped around to go take a second look.  It was gorgeous!!!  All of these famous paintings on one wall, I was in heaven, and of course starting plotting, I mean planning my photo shoot.  Porter was actually excited about this one.  Usually when I say photo shoot he cringes a little, but I do believe he truly enjoyed this one.  The wall is titled 'Step in to Art.'  
It looks like all these people painted this as a community project.  I am so happy they did, it is amazing!  If you are in South Salt Lake you should check it out.  I believe it's on West Temple.
 We had a blast taking pictures, hope you have fun looking!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Toast: silver scrap metal with a smear of black fuzz, YUM!

 My Dad and Brother came to pick up my sick little car last night.  They got it home and then I get a bunch of photos that look like these.
Yikes!!!!  What happened was my timing belt was basically obliterated in to little black cotton fuzz.  I thought you changed them at 90K miles, but my dad said I should have changed it at 60K, I was currently at 85K on it.  So, everyone, go now, don't walk, RUN, go check your timing belts!  Or else this could be the fate of your little cars.  We are hoping my engine is a non-interference type, other wise, in the word of my father, "your car is toast."  Ummm, thanks, but like my toast nice and crispy with just a little bit of butter and jelly, not cold hard scrap metal with black fuzz.  So, here is hoping that the little Subby, gets to remain my vehicle and not some unappetizing breakfast item.  
This is the guy who can work some magic, hopefully!  He is also the guy who is getting married in August, and who is going to be living in our basement in a few months.  And btw, he has informed me that he 'hates Subarus.'  Well, here's hoping he and the car can get along.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Cutest Family Ever!

 A week ago, I had to opportunity to photograph such an awesome family!  Our friend, Danielle, who we met on our France Trip last year, asked me if I could take some family photos for their family.  I was thrilled, I mean who wouldn't want to photograph such fun people!  So we went out, I brought Porter with so he could help set up pictures and such.  It was really fun.  One thing that was a first for me was photographing young children.  They had so much energy, good thing they were so dang cute!  We got some great shots, I just wanted to post a few to share with you guys.  Hope you enjoy!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Pizza, Pigs, and Plans going Awry

I am always so excited for holiday weekends.  They mean sleeping in, eating yummy food, playing games, hanging with friends, getting projects done around the house, having your car break down, ....... wait, what?!  That was not on the plan!  Unfortunately, on the freeway last night my car bit the dust.  We don't even really know what happened to it yet, but thank goodness we have AAA.  We got a tow home, now just we're trying to figure out what is next.  I hate car problems, they put such a cramp in my style!  Thank goodness for awesome friends, though.  Brendan and Tiffany, who had just flown in from their own weekend fun, went and got some pizzas for us.  We spent the night hanging out laughing and playing pass the pigs.  It turned that awful night in to such a fun time.  Hurray for friends!!!  Now hopefully my brother and dad can figure out what's going on with my little subby (this is what I call my Subaru Legacy, Porter told me I should clarify).  Happy Monday Everyone!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The man that was, but was not....

 While cleaning out our garage today we encountered a box.  It was slightly ajar, and had some scribbly writing on it that said, "Basement: Porter's things."  So, of course we had to investigate.  There were a ton of little knick-knacks from Porter's childhood.  Some of the highlights were: a comb that had a knife hidden in the handle, some juggling balls, real silver 'silver dollars,' pictures of old girlfriends (that was fun!), a saxophone, and this little gem that I'm going to share with you today.  It is a fully illustrated story from when he was in Kindergarten.  Aww, so sweet, right?  Just wait till you hear the story.  

"The Land of Never Never"
(p.s. this is a picture of a vampire turning into a bat)

Once upon a time in the land of Never Never there was a vampire who was, but was not.  And he killed all the babies who were but were not.  

Then one day a man who was, but was not said....'what are you doing here?'  Then the vampire killed him!

 Then he left.  Then one day he was asleep.  Then there was another man who was, but was not.
He had a gun, a very strong gun.  Then he shot the vampire who was, but was not.  Then he left.
 The End

Quite the little gem, right?  I laughed quite hysterically for about 5 minutes after reading this, especially because Porter kept saying how proud he was of his younger self for being so meta with the 'was, but was not,' thing.  I guess my husband has a hidden talent for an author he was, but was not!  (and now I'm giggling again!)  Have a great Memorial Day!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Creepy Dog!

The creepiest thing happened last night.  I was minding my own business, sleeping the the night away, when I woke up.  And when I open my eyes, I see two big eyes starring back at me.  My dog, Puck had inched his way up till he was sleeping right next to me with his head on my pillow, and his eyes were wide open.  As I groggily came too, I pushed him away, saying something like, "Puck, go away!"  However, he didn't move, he didn't budge.....he didn't blink!  Just this big potato sack of a dog laying there starring at me.  So I pushed him again...nothing.  By this point I'm pretty awake and wondering what the heck is going on with my dog.  I started to shake him gently while talking to him, still nothing.  So now I'm thinking to myself, 'if this dog croaked in the middle of the night right next to me with his eyes wide open, I don't think I can sleep in this bed again!'  I began looking for breath, he didn't even look like he was breathing, so I felt for a pulse.  It took a second but there was a slow bu-dum, bu-dum.  Phew!  At least the dog was alive.  At this point, fully awake, I moved him to the end of the bed.  I woke up Porter by doing this, but he didn't say anything, he was pretending to still be asleep.  The moment I got Puck in his normal position, he work up and stirred a little, then went right back to sleep.  Apparently, my dog sleeps with his eyes open and doesn't breath while doing so.  Creepy dog!  And that creepy dog ruined my beauty sleep!  Next time, I'm just rolling over.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Recitals Make Me Nervous

A week ago my vocal studio, Encore! had it's spring recital.  I love having my students perform.  It's so fun as an educator to see how far they progress each time.  However, I sit on the side lines and get just as nervous as they are as I'm chanting in my head, "please, please remember every thing we worked on in lessons."  I feel like recitals kind of put it all out there on the line for me as a teacher.  And it's hard, because I have no control over what happens out in the spotlight.  I just sit and watch.  Luckily, I am always so happy and proud of my students.  They are wonderful, and they work so hard, I just love them all to pieces.  I know, I'm gushing, but it's the truth.  I have such a great job, and I LOVE it!  Here are two videos of the opening number, 'Magic to Do' and the closing number 'Seasons of Love."  Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Grad School

This is where I will be spending the next 2 years of my life.  Sounds kind of ominous when I put it like that.  I have been accepted into the Masters of Education Program at Westminster College, and my emphasis will be Adult Education as well as eLearning.  I actually just started classes last week.  Now I know you are thinking, 'but it's summer?'  I know, my advisor told me that the program runs in the summer so it's good to get a head start and get some core classes out of the way.  So here I am, a grad student.  I was so nervous to go to school, but it turned out to be very fun.  It helped that I took a social media elective that I totally rocked.  It think it's because most of the people in the class were much older and didn't really even know much about social media, so the professor kept having me explain things.  Hooray for school......I'm already planning graduation.

Would you like to see me Dance?

Would you like to see a dance I've been working on in class?  So, I've been taking pole classes for a few months, they are super fun.  However, about 2 weeks ago I injured my back doing an upside move that I've been working on.  So with that said, this dance will be better (and have an ending) in a few weeks.  Actually, we are going to have a live performance on June 1, if any of you are interested ;-)  Now, without further adieu, my dance! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Kit and Rachel sitting in a tree....

 Can you believe my little brother is married?!  Well, he is.  Even though he will always be that little blond haired kid running around with dump trucks and hot wheels to me, he is growing up.  Kit and his fiancĂ©, Rachel met last summer when she was dating one of Kit's best friends.  Oops, am I allowed to say that?  Well anyway, the first memory I have of him talking about her was last August.  He said that he and and his friends were watching youtube videos on how to kiss, because his friend was gonna get 'lucky' and that night and kiss his girlfriend for the first time.  I thought that was so cute.  Youtube to learn to kiss, why didn't I do that?  I just went in blind and hoped my technique would develop naturally, which btw it did ;-)  Anyway, I always knew Rachel as 'Tom's Girlfriend.' (names have been changed)  But Kit hung out with her more than Tom did.  When they broke up, Kit and Rachel were still friends.  Then Rachel announced she was moving to Idaho to go to school at BYU-I.  Kit said he had to tell her that he did like her so she didn't get swooped by some other guy.  Well, he did tell her and the rest is history.  I took their engagements last Saturday.  I took over 300 pictures!  I was definitely pictured out.  But they turned out really cute.  Enjoy!

Save the Date!!!  August 17, 2012

St. Patty's Weekend to Montana

A couple months ago (I know its been a while, sorry!) my brother told me he was going to take his girlfriend up to Montana to visit our grandparents.  And of course my first response was, 'can I come?'  And his response was, 'will you drive?'  The answer to both questions was, Yes!  Although I kind of weaseled my way out of the second one and made Porter drive most of the way.

 Our little Suby was packed to the gills, four people in a Forester is very cozy.  However we did buy new seat covers in honor of our trip.  We had to stop at Rexburg to pick up Rachel, Kit's cute GF.  We were going to go country dancing up on BYU-I's campus that night.  However, when we got to the door they turned Porter away because he had a beard.  I mean, REALLY!!!  It was ridiculous.  He wasn't even a student.  Although, to be fair, they did offer him a razor if he wanted to go into the dance, he could shave.  We were having none of that, so we left and go ice cream instead.  When we came out from ice cream, our car wouldn't start.  What a great start to a trip, right?  Rachel called a friend of hers to come help.  They ran to Wal-mart and grabbed a new battery, however that wasn't' the problem.  It was the wires that connect the battery to the engine.  Lucky for us, Kit had is leatherman tool and fixed our car with it.  That boy is handy to have around in sticky car situations.
 We continued on our way the next morning.  I had called a place called Lost Trail Hot Springs, it is located on a pass that we had to go over, and asked if we could stop by.  They said sure and that we could have it all to ourselves!!!  Look at the beautiful water, and it was as warm as a bath.  We had the whole place just to us.  It was fantastic!  I love to go to natural water places because Porter really doesn't like conventional places, the chlorine really affects his skin.  But with natural hot springs, all bets are off, he has to play in the water with me.
 Right before we pulled in to Hamilton we stopped by Trapper's Peak and took a photo.  I climbed the tallest peak many moons ago.  I keep telling Porter someday we are going to climb it, I bet you can tell he is super excited about it ;)
 Whenever we get to my grands house, we always have to take a tour of everything going on.  This is a room in the the barn where my grandpa puts all of his trunks.  He refinishes antique trunks and then sells them.  The one in the front left corner is an especially rare one because it has 7 slats running across it.  He said he has never seen a trunk with that many.  If you ever want a very cool and unique piece of furniture, let me know and I will hook you up with one of these treasures.
 The Reason we went to Montana: Dervish!  We went up over St. Patty's Day weekend to see a fab Irish band that was playing up there.
 My sweet Grandparents
 To finish the trip off, we went dancing, cowboy style!  It was a great trip!  The drive home, a different story.  I offered to drive......................I drove during the worst time, total white-out conditions going over the pass.  The sky was white, the road was white, and all the surrounding area was white.  Scariest.Drive.Of.My.Life.  But as you can see, we made it with all our limbs intact.  I love Montana, the big sky country! 

Grandpa playing the accordion for us.  He plays for a lot of folks down at the golden agers club and some nursing home.  They love him!  He also plays the drums in a band for dances at the same places.  He is basically a rockstar in the golden age circle!

Grandpa playing 'Toot Toot Tootsie"