Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The Nemesis
This plant has been in our garden since we moved here. It grows uncontrollably. It has big, nasty thorns that always stick me. If it had beautiful flowers I might reconsider annihilating it, but it's flowers are just little white things. Definitely not worth inch long thorns. So I decided it was time to take it out. Also, it's in the way of my big garden project. So I began my battle.
My weapons!
I chopped all the branched off, then I began to dig at the root. I dug all around one. Then I started wedging the shovel under it. Just when I thought the plant was ready to be ripped from the earth, I heard a sickening "CRACK!"

Casualties of War

I broke my first shovel. The roots were too strong. I was very mad, but felt kind of powerful. It's not everyday I use my brute strength to break tools of war. So the bush has won for now. But I have plans that involved heavy duty clippers and very strong weed killer. So, until next we meet again, nasty thorn bush.

In other garden news: Porter and I are building brand new garden boxes that are going to be bigger and nicer than the old ones. I'm very excited! More pics to come when it's closer to completion.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bountiful Baskets

When I first heard the term "bountiful basket" I thought of baskets of food sold by a farmer who lived in Bountiful, Utah, and there was no way I was going to drive all the way up there just for a basket of veggies. Well, the basket of food part was right, but not the grown and sold by Bountiful farmers. Bountiful Baskets is actually a non-profit co-op that brings great fruits and veggies to pick-up locations all over the West. I had some girls at work talking about it, so I decided to give it a go.
You first need to go to the Bountiful Basket website, there you set up an account. With this account you can browse the pick-up locations and find on near you. Then you select what you want to get. The basic basket is $15.00, they also have different add-ons you can purchase. I hear the bread is great! However, you must purchase your basket quick or they disappear! Each location only has a certain number of them. They open up the sign-up Monday at noon MST and it closes Tuesday at 10pm, but they usually are all gone by then. Then you wait until your pick up time on Saturday!
Our pick-up time was 8:15, which for us on a Saturday is not so fun. Porter was like, "this better be worth it." Although he was a good sport and helped get us up on time. We headed down to the Valley Fair Mall with two big bags. We were not disappointed. We got so many great fruits and veggies! Two laundry baskets full to be exact. Our veggies included: chard, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, cilantro and lettuce. Our fruits included: bananas, mangos (they were awesome!), a ton of Mandarin oranges, cantaloupe, ripe tomatoes, and apples. I was so impressed. Our fridge is now fully stocked! I'm so excited for next week because you never know what will be in your basket, it's like a little surprise every week. One more thing, since it is a non-profit, volunteers are needed to help get the baskets ready. They ask that you volunteer every 8 baskets. What that means is that you come one hour early and help distribute the food. Pretty easy if you ask me, it's just that getting up early part. I am just not an early riser. If you try bountiful baskets you will not be disappointed, I think it's fabulous!

All the baskets

Checking my name off the list

My very own Bountiful Baskets, Huzzah!

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Very Naughty Little Leprechaun

Did you know that my name, Erin, means girl from Ireland? Well is does! I do have some ancestors from there, so I guess it is sort of true. I know I would like go visit there for sure. My brother is living there right now, and I'm super jealous! I can't wait for an e-mail on Monday with news of the celebrations they had, plus pictures.

At my school today we had a pesky leprechaun come visit our class (ME!). All the kids made traps to try and catch him. After lunch, they set all the traps out complete with ever thing from green grapes, to mangos, and even real money as bait. When they left, I began my work. I sprung all their traps, taking all the bait and moving them about the room. Then I took paint and made foot prints all over our tables and the traps, oh! and up the mirror. I put green food coloring in the toilets then turned all the chairs upside down, threw the pillows every where, knocked over the book shelf and basically demolished the classroom.....I think I had a little too much fun!

I was so excited for the kids to come back in and see what the leprechaun had done. I imagined laughing, giggling, happy children, I was wrong. They opened the door, and came rushing in. We all were aghast with our room. Then on kid yells "He stole my candy!" (the bait for the trap) and bursts into tears. Another was upset that their trap was knocked over and had green foot prints on it. Another was crying because the leprechaun drew a smiley face on his tupper ware lid. One kid couldn't find his trap (because I moved it to the other side of the room) and had a melt down. Others were mad the leprechaun had "peed" in the toilet. I was trying so hard not to bust a gut! But I felt so bad laughing when they were all so distraught. Luckily, the little fairy left them some gold coins. It took us a good half hour to clean up, and finally every thing was right again. Although, my twin boys told me they hope they can catch that "mean little guy" so they can kill him! Oh my, such strong feelings! Maybe next year I won't be as creative. Still, it was so funny!

My super talented sister-in-law, McKenzie, came to do some traditional Irish dancing for the school. I took some video to share with you all! Enjoy!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Soft Shoe

Hard Shoe

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What happens backstage...doesn't always stay backstage

Ugly Dance Party 1

Ugly Dance Party 2

Have you ever wondered what goes on backstage during a show??? What are those actors up to while you, the patron are out in the lobby grabbing snacks, visiting the lou, or striking up conversation about your feelings toward the show? Well, today is your lucky day! I bring you an up close and personal look into the GREEN ROOM dun, dun, DUN! Some activities these Hairspray actors participate in:

  • Ugly dance competition
  • guitar playing
  • casual conversation
  • eating
  • taking pictures
  • knitting
  • And generally, just having a grand ol' time

The Green Room is a blast, so is the dressing room, although I don't bring you footage of that. I know, I know....sorry boys! Half the fun of theatre is hanging with all these great people. I miss my cast from the 'Spray!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


On Sunday I received a call from my mom. It wasn't one of those calls you want to get. She called to tell me that our beloved family dog, Simba, was not doing well and was probably not going to last much longer.
He has been our family dog since I was in the 5th grade. Such a happy dog, fun loving and just sweet, we loved him so much! He loved chasing the neighbor dogs out of the yard. And he chased them almost up to the very end. He loved eating grapes from the vine out back and stealing the raspberries from the bushes, eating every last one he could reach. He was very loyal and would always sleep at the foot of my parents bed. Also, he was an avid music fan, always sitting down right by the piano and listening to all of us practice and play the piano. It didn't matter how long we were there or how it sounded, he was there listening to every moment.
Last summer, Mom and Dad took him camping with them so he could see the mountains with them. He loved getting out, especially the mountains. He even had his own sleeping bag! He always did like to cuddle in the nice soft blankets.
So, yesterday, we trekked up to Hooper to say our goodbyes to our beloved pooch. He was almost 17 years old! That is like 119 in dog years! He did good. My parents had the hard but merciful task of taking him to the vet today and staying with him while they gave him a shot to put him to rest. He was in so much pain that it really was the right thing to do, just very hard. Death is something that we as pet owners sign up for with out realizing it. It's a part of life, and is one of those experiences that will happen whether we like it or not. I've done my crying (uh, tearing up as I write this) but now it is turning to relief and gratitude toward my childhood companion. Simba, we will miss you so much!!! We Love you!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Blast from the Past!

This is a great video that my friend Shannon made of some of the great happening backstage when we performed "Musical of Musicals the Musical" at Weber State back in the college days. I didn't even know it existed until last night at our cast party, when my friend Julie told me about it. I'm so glad she did! It brought back so many great memories. This really was one of my favorite shows, and one the factors that plays into that is the party that we would have every single night in the dressing room! Take a look, most of what is on here are inside jokes that probably only Webers people will get, but I freaking love it! Thanks Shannon for making it!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My latest Obsession

Dr. Who!!!
This BBC series is great, absolutely great! I love the mysteries, fighting aliens, saving the world and of course, The Doctor. I always look forward to the late night Dr. Who marathons we have on our couch, courtesy of Netflix. I could watch them over and over again. If you haven't seen the new version on the show I highly recommend them. Season 2 is my favorite, but they all rock! Season 3 is really good as creepy, definitely creepy. I'm watching the episode "Blink" while writing this, and OMG! so creepy! P.S. I love scaring myself by watching scary shows, I love the adrenaline. Doctor Who has a little bit of everything for everyone. I know, I know, I'm gushing, but you need to watch it. It's so good!!!!! (totally geeking out right now!)

The cutest little cyber pooch out there.

All the Doctors, my favorite is #10, David Tennant *le sigh*

My other ride is a Tardis!

My Doctor, seriously, who wouldn't love him!

The Super Sonic Screwdriver, a very handy little gadget. *Note to self, put that on my Christmas list next year.

The fabulous cast! I love Rose, she was my favorite companion. She is the blond girl.
Now, go forth and watch!!! Alonsi!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pictures from the 'Spray!

Just in case you missed this fabulous show, here are some pictures of my favorite moments from "Hairspray." We have one week left, and I am sure going to miss it! Seriously, it has been such a joy to work with these people on such a fun show. Usually when I close a show I'm ready for a break, but I'm ready to jump right into another. Too bad my France Trip is in the way of doing a spring show. For some reason directors don't like a two week block in your conflicts, go figure. (I know, wah wah, poor me, I have to go to France for two whole weeks!) I do however have plans for shows I want to do when we get back, and I trying to get ol' Porter to dust off his dancin shoes and audition with me.
Hope you enjoy the pictures!

"Nicest Kids in Town"

" Mama I'm a Big Girl Now!"

"I gotta get out of this big doll House!"

"She's got cooties!"
(And I love the boys being cootie bugs on the sides)

"Let's stamp them out!"

"You Can't Stop the Beat!"