Monday, April 4, 2011

1st Jazz Game Ever

On Friday, Porter texted me and asked if I would like to go to a Jazz game that night. I replied, "haha! April fools." He later called and said it wasn't April Fools and that a vendor that works with his company gave them some great tickets. He really wanted to go, and who am I to stand in the way of a man and his basketball.

So, we went. They even gave us a swanky parking pass that got us V.I.P parking. Then we headed up stairs to the Sports Club for dinner, which was fabulous! We were on top of the Energy Solutions Area, eating lobster kabobs and nutella filled crepes (they were the best part of dinner). Then we headed down to our seats on row 8. Yep, I said row 8. It was great, we could see the players faces and everything. The game was very exiting. It was against the Lakers (BOOOO!), the Jazz did so good in the first half. I actually thought we might win. But the Lakers owned the floor the second half and we lost. Sadness! But all in all, it was a really fun time, and my first live Jazz game!

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  1. First game??? Well that is a great one. Miss you!!!!