Monday, April 18, 2011

Friday Night Fun

Friday night we decided to try something new, The Chow Truck. It's this 5 star, Asian gourmet restaurant on wheels. Plus, they always are parking at different spots, so you have to look at their website to see where it's going to be, kind of like a food treasure hunt. Well, we found them, it just took a couple U-turns and a couple dirty looks from Porter. (I may have told him 4th east when I really meant 4th west, oops!) But it was worth it in the end.

I got a calamari slider and a tofu taco. I didn't like the taco, but I loved the slider. We also ate in the car, because it was too chilly outside. I love eating in the car, Porter thinks I'm funny.

They have these awesome little crunchies....yum, yum!

Finally, we went to Target. I wanted to look for a yellow cardigan, which I still haven't found. However, I found this awesome hula hoop. So, I had Porter test it out for me. I've been obsessed with finding a hula hoop since last summer when we saw this girl hulaing at the farmer's market. She was fierce. I want to practice so I can be fierce.

BTW: We got bought the hula hoop, and I've been practicing!

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