Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer So Far.....

This summer has been surprisingly busy busy so far. Both Porter and I are taking the summer off from doing shows....and I thought I would have so much free time! Ha, that's a good one. I finished up the school year teaching at Dancing Moose, and then I went right into teaching at the University of Utah's Youth Theatre Program. Currently, my company is producing a version of "Jack and the Beanstalk" written by yours truly. We perform in one week from now. Then I get a whole week off! I am super excited, it will be the first trip for me in a long time. Well, big trip. We did go up to Lava Hot Springs a few weeks ago, but that was just over night. This time, we will be gone for a week to Montana. My friend, Kim is going to house sit for us and watch the dogs..............umm, I hope she is still my friend when we come home! The puppies can be....challenging at times.
Our garden is growing so well this year! I am very happy. We have already gotten to eat a some things including lettuce, radishes, baby carrots, and strawberries. Everything always tastes so much better when it's come out of your own garden, and when you get to eat it right after picking it; especially the strawberries, they are delicious!
My parents came down last Sunday and we cooked them brunch. I made my first fritatta. Let's just say, I'm definitely making that again. We were all so stuffed after the meal. My Dad seemed so surprised I could cook, and I'm not sure why. I have been cooking, in my opinion, very good food, for along time. Anyway, I was happy he liked it!
I've had delicious Thai Food
I love So Cupcake!!!
Yellow Company at YTU
I've been baking!

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