Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Impromptu Photos Shoots and Leg Hangs

 I shot a wedding the other day and rented a great lens for it.  Because I didn't want said awesome lens to go to waste I made Porter come out for an impromptu photo shoot with me last Sunday.  We went up to Westminster College campus and took these.  I think they turned out pretty well considering I set up the shot and took the pics via remote (a fabulous christmas present from the hubster ).  Porter really likes candid shots instead of posed ones.  So I try to set up moments where we can be in a nice position to have a candid moment, wink, wink.  It's not posing, I promise.  At least he believes it's not, so that is a win!

The snow made it so bright.  After this picture I think we were both a little snow blind.
 In other pole dancing news: I can finally do leg hangs!  I went to a class the other night with a fabulous teacher and ended up having a private session.  Classes where I am the only one scare me because all the attention is on you, which a wonderful thing and an intimidating thing all at the same time.  But she was fabulous and took a lot of time with me to help me find the correct position.  By the end of the night, I was doing them all by myself.  A leg hand is where you hang by one leg and the skin of your stomach and a little arm pit.  It hurts like a mother!  But it is so worth it to conquer such a hard and beautiful move.  I've been wanting to do this one for about six months now.  Hurray for small victories!

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