Friday, May 13, 2011

Paris Catacombs

It took us 3 times to actually make it to the catacombs. The first time, they were closed, second, we went to the wrong location, but third times the charm. We waited in line for about an hour before entering here.

Next we had to go down 65 steps on a tiny, spiral staircase. It was very tight, and you could feel the temperature dropping as we descended down into the bowels of Paris.

We then had to go through a system of small tunnels. The ceiling was only 6 ft. and was just bare rock. It was even dripping in places. I am not claustrophobic, but I was definitely feeling uneasy. Just the thought of getting trapped down there sends shivers down my spine.

The bare tunnels opened up a little to reveal this great passage way, but it only lasted a little while before we were back to the tiny tunnel.

The door way to the burial chamber : "Stop. Here is the Kingdom of the Dead."

There were bones stacked up 5 1/2 feet on both sides. I'm not sure how thick it was. And this went on and on. Also they used skulls and such to make design. It was creeptacular. There were a lot of crosses, it was very eerie.

I dared Porter to pick up a skull. I wanted him to have "Alas poor Yorick" pose, but this is what I got. Afterward I made him scrub his hands, because seriously, gross!

Creepy heart made out of skulls.

No flash allowed, so this is our dark, Gothic, together with the dead picture.


  1. That is too cool, I am reading a book series that has part of it set in the catacombs I would love to see it. Jealous. Can't wait till you guys are back in town.

  2. It was pretty cool! Although doing anything but besides walking through the tour space down there would be really scary, at least for me. With out the lights on, it would be so creepy!!!