Monday, February 21, 2011

One year!

Happy Anniversary to me! Last February I decided, after lots of research and some self discovery, that I wanted to try being vegetarian. I started out just saying I would try it for one month, then one turned into six and finally six turned into twelve. I'm so proud of making it a year! I do admit, on Thanksgiving I cheated and had some turkey, but the turkey was purchased locally and was USDA certified organic, which is the main reason I decided to become vegetarian, all the hormones and crap that they pump into the animals. Also, I HATE the factory farming practice. But, here I am at a year, hooray! I read that each person who goes a year without eating meat saves 90 animals. I guess for me that would be 89, RIP Mr. Turkey. Can you imagine what an impact that would have on our planet if everyone just gave up some meat. Now, I'm not saying that everyone should go veggie, just cut back on the meat they eat. All those factory farms are major sources of pollution from all the animal's waste. It's actually getting to the point that ground water in some areas is being polluted. Fresh water is one of our most valuable resources, we should do everything we can to save it!

I feel great after a year. At first it was hard to find food that would leave me feeling satisfied. Also it was hard to eat out, and I craved steak! I wanted a big juicy steak so badly!!!! Although , I'm pretty sure I just wanted the A-1 steak sauce, which I now put on veggie burgers and love it. Finding food I love is a lot easier now, and I have gotten very good at asking for vegetarian options at restaurants. I am going to stay vegetarian. It has just become a way of life. I don't really crave meat anymore, and I feel really good about my choice from both health and ethical perspectives. I highly recommend trying veggie-ism for a week, or you could join a movement known as meatless Monday (no eating meat on Mondays.) It's good for you and the planet!!!!

And now, I'm going to quietly step off the soap box. I hope you have a lovely day!

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