Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! We had a great day celebrating our dads and how great they are. I had this awesome plan of going up in the mountains and making a campfire, then cooking dinner and hanging out by said campfire all evening. It sounded like the perfect, outdoorsy, daddy-day outing. Apparently, Mother Nature didn't feel the same about my plan, because she literally rained on my parade all day long. Sheesh! I was not in a good mood, you can ask Porter, he got the brunt of it. I was cranky! But we reconfigured our plans and decided to cook salmon and fondue at our house, then if the weather permitted we would head up and roast marshmallows in the evening.

Dinner turned out very well! I think our Dads loved it. Oh, I don't know if you've gotten this from our family outings but Porter and I combine our families on alot of occasions. I don't know if this is common or not, but we love it! Then we get to both spend a lot of time with both families, and our Dad's could probably chat for hours if we let them. We got our dads some cool swag for D-Day. We got Kyle (Porter's dad) a nice, heavy duty fishing net for all those big ocean fish. We got my dad a great, little hydro-pack from our favorite store, Costco! I told him he needs to hide it, because when my brother gets back from Ireland this summer he will probably try to steal it!

We ended up making it up the mountain for marshmallows, and along the way we decided to celebrate and bust a move. BTW I was scared to jump up off the wall!

5 Things that make my Dad cooler than yours!

1-He can fix pretty much anything
2-He makes a mean strawberry crepe
3-He is willing to try anything, like jumping off rock walls
4-He drives a horse-drawn buggy and wears a real top-hat while doing so
5-He is a fabulous chiropractor and makes people's spines feel great!

We all had a great time up the canyon! Hope you had a wonderful day!

I love you, Dad!!!

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