Monday, September 19, 2011

The State Fair

This weekend we went to the State Fair with our friends. We went last year and had a great time, so we thought it would make for a fun night. We were wrong. It made for a Fan-freaking-tastic time! We looked at fun booths, walked on water in giant bubbles, won contests, tried fried scorpion, rode giant yellow slides, and ate horrible, terrible, Delicious food!

Brenden entered a pull-up contest, and won a sweet hat from the marines!

We opted for a cute family picture with the giant pumpkins. I wanted to take one home and carve a huge jack-o-lantern, but I couldn't think how to fit it in the car and still have room to drive home. So the pumpkins stayed.

Corndog Heaven

Tiff and I were pro's. We walked all over that water, and slipped, fell, and rolled all over it too.

Hello Mr. Goat! Brenden and Tiff made a new friend.

Porter and Kit ate a fried scorpion. Porter ate the head and body and Kit ate the tail. Gross!!!!

Porter told us that he needed some ice cream to wash down the creepy-crawly, so we got the mega bowl!

What fair isn't complete without deep fried bacon stuffed Twinkies, deep fried snickers bars and deep fried pb&Js?!

This is a video of our amazing feat: walking on water.

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  1. I absolutely LOVED this video!! So funny! I am always so impressed by your fabulous blogging skills :)