Monday, December 5, 2011

Family Photo Time

Yesterday, my family and I went out to take some family pictures for the holidays.  I was the one taking the photos, so I got a great workout running back and forth to turn on the timer, run into place, run back to to look at the pictures.  They turned out pretty well.    Although, a little ways into it, the weather turned sour and started to snow, so in some of the pictures you see little white dots everywhere, no it's not lint or dust in my camera, it's snow.  Here is a preview of what we got:

I also took a few of my brother playing his guitar and such.  This was down our back ally way.

I felt I had to turn at least some of our pictures with snow in them into snowy pictures!
Hope you all are having a great December so far, and btw, not to freak you out but there are only 20 days left until Christmas!!!

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