Sunday, June 3, 2012

Muai Thai Pro Fight

Saturday night Porter was so excited.  First of all, we had been very stressed all day, it was car shopping/buying day for us.  And it was the first time either of us had purchased a car without the parentals around.  So, it was pretty stressful.  We ended up buying a car, hooray!  Which I will blog about later, but this set us up for just wanting to go relax that night.
Porter works out at a Muai Thai Kick-box Gym close to us and they were hosting a Fight that night.  Neither us had ever been to a live fight.  It was SO FUN!  I highly recommend going to them.  I was also able to meet his buddies that he fights with.  I think I definitely need to start working out at that gym, there is some pretty nice eye candy there!
The night started with a bunch of amateur fights and then was slated to end with two pro fights.  There were even two women's fights.  Porter has now informed me that he wants to fight in either the October fight or January fight.  I'm kind of excited, although I think for the 6 minutes of him fighting there will be a non-ending stream of vocalization for me, even with the people I didn't know I was yelling and hooting and hollering with the best of them.
This is a video of the first pro fight we watched.  I was so excited for this fight.  The black guy was from Porter's gym and everyone said was hard core and hit 'like a Mac Truck.'  The white guy was an unknown from Las Vegas.   This was 'the fight' of the evening.  However, it only lasted 55 seconds.  The black guy get's knocked out at about 30 seconds, Porter and all of his buddies were shocked!!!  It was such a sad moment for the peeps from the gym.  Their hero had been slain.  It wasn't a total knock-out, but he couldn't stand up straight, so he couldn't defend himself, which means the other guy won.  I really like watching fights, it may be my favorite sport to watch, who knew?!

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