Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthday Boy

 My baby brother turned 22 yesterday.....tear.  He is getting all grown up.  This is the first birthday we have celebrated with him in two years since he was on a mission for the LDS church for the past two years.  And this will be the last one he celebrates by himself, as he is getting married in two months.  I'm sure his lovely fiancee would have loved to be here but she is attending school at BYU-Idaho and had to be in Rexburg.
Kit has been dying to get Indian Food.  He ate it a lot on his mission and is always raving about it.  My Dad took us out to A Taste of India in Layton, Utah.  It was very good.  I got a coconut korma, and some nan bread.  
 They had the birthday boy get all fancy so they could sing him a birthday song!  We got him a shirt from one of my favorite online shops, Threadless.  They make really fun clothing.  We got him a shirt titled, "Balloons over Edinburgh." Plus he also scored an Irish cookbook and a gift card to Pibb's Exchange.  Not too shabby if you ask me.
The best thing about eating out on your birthday: Free Dessert!

10 things you didn't know about my brother:
  1. He is super ticklish 
  2. His favorite color is green
  3. He has two tetra fish in his room that have been alive for over 5 years
  4. His favorite activity as a child was playing in the sandbox with dump trucks
  5. he can fix a car with a leatherman
  6. He does not like sushi
  7. He once fed my mother a potato bug that was hidden in a cookie on Mother's Day
  8. He is a swimmer and pole vaulter
  9. He works at Dallas Greens
  10. He is engaged to one of his best friend's old girlfriend

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