Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Performance Lab

I did it!  My first pole performance has been completed.  I was actually really nervous, which is super silly since I'm used to doing things in front of people.  I think it's because I had never done this type of performance before.  Anyway, it went well, except for at the end when another girl's leg collided with mine.  She went a little later than usual and we smacked shins.  I totally forgot what was next, and you can tell in the video, I'm sitting smiling like a fool cause I can't remember what happens next!  We actually did the dance again, but Porter watched instead of filming, although the second time was much better, I wish I could show you that one.  Hope you enjoy the performance!
 The Trio

Afterwards, Porter and I played on the poles.  Our friends Brenden and Tiffany came and played too, but I couldn't manage to snap a shot of their mad pole skills!  If you live in Salt Lake City go and check out La Bombe Pole Fitness!

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