Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Brawl 2

Porter participated in his second amateur Muay Thai kickboxing fight last night.  His first was in June.  He did so good!  I am one proud wifey.  His form was so much better this time around and he had great stamina (he's been training and conditioning for the past 2 months).  He fought in a  154 lbs. weight class.  I was sort of nervous for him, but more nervous for myself as I sang the national anthem.  I'm always afraid I will forget the words.  Porter did great.  He was so much more aggressive this time around and really controlled the ring.  About the end of the second round I had a hunch he had won because he was doing so well.  It also didn't hurt that he had the best cheering section there!  Thanks to all our friends and family and coworkers who made it out!  I especially love cheering with my lady friends, they get all loud and crazy just like me.  I'm in good company with them around.  Porter won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm am so incredibly happy and proud of him.  He worked so hard for this fight and really deserved it.  I have a pretty cool hubster.

Getting all greased up, they even put vasoline in his beard (eewww!)

Fight: Round 1

Fight Round 2

Fight: Round 3 (victory!)

Feeling pretty good about life right about now...

A unanimous decision from the judges, Porter wins!

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