Saturday, August 30, 2014

Flower Beard and Flower Fros

Earlier this summer #FlowerBeards, became all the rage.  So I went to our local flower shop and bought a few items, came home and gleefully announced to Porter that he was going to become the proud new owner of a flower beard.  He wasn't sure at first, I think liked it in the end.  Mind you, he couldn't move his mouth at all during any of the assembly or the photo shoot.  I really like this trend, I wish more guys would 1: grow beards (they are sexy!) and 2: decorate them in flowers (because it's fun!).

I had so much fun with this that I decided to give Puck a #FlowerFro, since he didn't have a beard.  I went through an entire bag of treats getting him to sit still long enough to put flowers in his hair and snap a few pics.

But in actuality, this is what he really thought of my flower shenanigans......

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