Tuesday, January 20, 2015

London Christmas Festivities

We were so excited that our friends, Brendan and Tiffany, from Houston decided to come to London and spend Christmas with us!  This is the day they got here.  We went out to Heathrow to pick them up.  Then it was our job to keep them awake until bedtime.  So, we took them to central London to walk around in the cold all night.  That's away to keep someone awake.  At least it worked up us.

 Westminster Abbey was looking rather festive that night.

Big Ben was not as festive, but still beautiful nonetheless.

The next day Brendan Tiff went out sightseeing while we ran errands, but later we met up with them at the Natural History Museum.  I had never been.  It's huge.  We only saw a few wings.  We started with my personal favorite: Dinosaurs! (RAWR!!!!)  But what was hilarious, is that most of the casts they have of dinos come from Utah.  Apparently, Utah is where all the cool dinosaurs hang out.

We also had fun touring the hall of mammals.  Don't mind the weird one in the back, I'm not sure what exhibit he's from.

 And then we found the new baby Death Star.  I guess the Museum is growing it until it's ready to launch into space.

After the museum we headed to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.  It was a huge christmas market and amusement park put together for one crazy extravaganza.  The amusement park section was seriously bigger than Lagoon (the amusement park in Utah).  It actually had the wild mouse roller coast in it, plus countless others and it was free to get into, and it was a temporary park.  We were in shock and awe.  Utah, take note, we need better amusement parks.  

The boys wanted German bratwursts so badly all night, and finally got their wish.
The Christmas booths were adorable.

The next day we sent our guests out for more sightseeing at the Tower of London, whilst we prepared for our Christmas party.  We invited some friends over for festive goodies and reindeer games at our place.

 A very merry time was had by all.

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