Friday, February 20, 2015

The Doctor Who Experience


If you do not like nerdy, Whovian type posts, avert your eyes, this much awesomeness can be contagious.

The Tardis has landed!  After our early morning at Stonehenge and breky (Britishism for breakfast) at Bradford-upon-Avon we drove to Cardiff to the Doctor Who Experience.  To say we were excited is an under-statement.  You see, the Doctor Who experience is like the 8th Wonder of the World for Who fans.  Stepping into the tardis and flying through time and space with the Doctor, it's like a dream come true.

Like it says, it's an experience so you really do need to experience it.  But I will do my best to tell you about it.  You walk in and there are a few displays.  It was Christmas when we were there, so they had all the monsters from the past Christmas Specials out.  There is also a cafe, and then the big blue doors to enter.

The first part of the experience is an adventure with the current Doctor.  Think interactive haunted house style.  You walk into a Galifray Museum.  The curator begins to talk to your about the items when the Tardis appears and the Doctor says that all of time and space is under attack.  Then we went into the Tardis.  Everyone grabs hold and it takes off.  We had to really hang on!  We then went through a series of rooms collecting glowing crystals to help power the Tardis.  We encountered Daleks, Weeping Angles and weird little octopus aliens.  In the end we ended up saving all of time and space, obviously, or else you wouldn't be reading this. You're welcome.  Our reward for this heroic act was to see all the artifacts from the Doctor Who series. 

 The sonic screw drivers

The Day of the Doctor

It really is bigger on the inside.

David Tennant touched this..... 

Bowties are Cool!

The War Doctor


Lego Dalek

Don't Blink...

So many Daleks!

The Face of Bo 

Silence will Fall

 All the Paintings/drawings from Matt Smith's last episode in the "Time of the Doctor" on Trenzalore.

Seriously, maybe they should talk to someone about this infestation of Daleks.

An older Tardis model

And for any of you Torchwood fans, Tiffany found a major Torchwood monument, the Torchwood Memorial Wall.

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  1. Cool pictures!! I didn't know there was a Dr. Who experience. Now I want to go there!! Love you guys!
    Rib Creed & Family