Monday, May 18, 2015

A Little Trip Down Memory Lane in Helmsly, England

After our little stint up in The Lake District we made a slight detour to Helmsly where Jon and Ali had eloped about a year and a half ago.  They wanted to show their family the spot where it all went down.  And Ali wanted a few family pictures there.

 Their wedding was beautiful!

This is the same swing they took pictures on.  Isn't that adorable?!

The same big house in the back.

I think everyone enjoyed Helmsly.  The only sad part was that the exact spot where they were married was under construction and we couldn't get to it.  That was a little bit of a bummer, but it was still really fun to be back there.

Afterwards, we headed over to the same little cafe where Jon and Ali had their wedding lunch.   They have amazing cakes! 
 Everyone enjoying the little cafe.

We took a brief stop at an English Heritage site, Brodsworth Hall.  It was an old world beauty full of vintage glamour from the 1920's.  It fell into disrepair in the past 50 years and is currently being restored, very slowly.  It still was lovely to see.  Can you imagine pulling up to the front doors for a party like in the Great Gatsby, in a classic car wearing your new beads, feathers and a glitzy flapper dress?!  It would be amazing.

A little fountain coming alive in the new spring.
 Just roaming around the gardens.

That night we stayed in an old barn from the 1600's that had been converted to a little cottage.  The original wood was still intact.  The ceilings were pretty low, especially for Jon.  I don't think he could stand up straights except for in the kitchen and the vaulted part of the bedroom.  We watched Superbad and ate awful Chinese take out.  There is something great about watching silly movies and eating bad food with your friends late at night that is just magical.  I love it!

The final part of our friends stay was in London.  They had a family wedding that week.  So we just poked around town for the last few days.   Porter and I picked up a nasty cold in the Lake District so we weren't feeling very good, but we made it through.  It's awful to not feel good when you have guests that you want to show a good time.  London takes a lot of energy to see.  I ate probably a bag of cough drops a day and was basically chugging cough syrup.  But I made it, and we had a fun time. 

 Ali and I braved the tube with the stroller.  She worked that think like a pro.  

I took them to see Camden Market, which they loved.  This doughnut cart was just too much.  I mean, look at it!

We all headed to Big Ben to take in the views.

This is my favorite picture of the London Eye that I have taken.

We also took a stroll through Hyde Park to see the famous Peter Pan statue.

It was so much fun having our friends visit!  I hope they come back soon! ;) 

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