Monday, November 9, 2009

Our new puppy!

We recently adopted a new family member! He is nine weeks old. He is a cream colored stardard poodle. We have decided to name him 'Puck' after William Shakespear's character from A Midsummer's Night Dream. He is a little spitfire. He is tiny, but he still chases Daisy around the yard. Merlin was not happy about his arrival, however Puck just loves the kitty. Porter likes to say Puck is killing the cat with kindness. Puck loves to lick Merlin. He is also a very smart puppy. He is doing well with potty training. We took him for his first walk today, he did better than Daisy! He walked in straight line most of the time, although he loves to be right on Porter's heels which causes collisions sometimes. He is a great addition to our little family and we are so excited to have him!

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