Sunday, November 22, 2009

Harvesting our Carrot Crop....yum!

This last spring I was so excited to plant a garden at our new house. We had six beautiful beds just waiting for seeds to be sewn. Me, being frugally minded, bought the cheapest seeds I could find. Unfortunately, I could find any cheap carrot seeds. So I spent a whopping $3.00 on a bag a carrot seeds. As the summer progressed, the garden didn't do as well and I had imagined. The peppers were tiny, the beets non-existent, the cucumbers were bitter, the pumpkins never got past the pretty orange flower stage and so on. Every vegetable had something less than desirable about it except my beautiful carrot patch. It became the saving grace to my sad little green space. Today we decided to make organic stew, so it was time to harvest the carrots. We had a blast digging up all the different sizes and shapes and a few mutant carrots as well. So lesson of the day boys and girls: you get what you pay for. Next time we plant a garden I am buying good seeds, heck the best seeds I can find!

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  1. That's fantastic. Erin, in your second picture, you almost look like an anime character! :D Big eyes, and perfect mouth. I love it! Hope your salad was tasty!