Thursday, March 25, 2010

Going Green!

Lately, I've leading a revolution in my kitchen. I have been trying to rid my cupboards of all processed, unnatural, salty, sweet, oily goo that I used to think was food. This all began with the reading of a book entitled Gorgeously Green and The Gorgeously Green Diet both by Sophia Uliano. She talks alot about all the crap that is in our food and personal products that we don't know about. Also, a great movie, Food Inc. shows how corrupt the food industry is. My research has left me in shock, sadness, and anger over what has happened to our food. It isn't even food anymore, it's processed sugar and fat that has to be fortified with minerals and nutrients so that is can be passed off as "good for us." Why should food have to be fortified? Shouldn't it naturally contain everything we need from it?

I am also appalled by the meat industry. The treatment of animals before, during and after slaughter is horrifying. In the book Skinny Bitch it details about the process of slaughtering. Did you know, sometimes the animal isn't dead when they begin to gut it. I honestly had nightmares about it. I refuse to support the inhumane treatment and abuse of these innocent animals. I have been trying out vegetarianism since February. So far, so good, much to Porter's dismay. I don't really want to even cook it anymore. However, I must say to ranchers who raise animals humanely and do all their own slaughtering at the ranch, I commend you. I think it is a fine way of life to be one with the land and animals if you treat everything with respect.

So....back to my organic revolution in my kitchen. It's been going very well. I've cleared out the cupboards, the fridge, and the freezer. I've began cooking alot more. I make many things from scratch including: bread, granola, almond milk, and candied nuts to name a few. I have discovered mushrooms! They are amazing in so many dishes. Both Porter and I have felt so much better since we have switched over to a more natural diet. And we are satisfied! Did you know that humans don't need animal protein to feel satisfied? It's true! I also feel so much better about knowing that I am reducing my carbon foot print by using less processed food and all the packaging that come with it. I intent to continue to lessen my carbon footprint and become more Eco-friendly and organically minded. Cheers!

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  1. Those books look good, I will have to read them. I am also constantly trying stock my fridge and cupboards with the least process foods I can find... too bad they are so expensive. I am currently trying to get my husband to make me garden boxes so I can start growing my own food, but we have such little yard I don't know if that will be possible. Anyway, nice April Fools joke on Porter! Jeff pretty much reacted the same way when I told him the big news... only it was the real deal... it was pretty freakin hilarious!

  2. Erin - first of all so glad I found your cute blog! AND I just posted almost the EXACT same thing on mine! I watched Food Inc. and I'm reading In Defense of Food and they're completely changing the way I shop, eat and cook. I love it! Hope you're well! xoxo