Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

First, I must apologize for how long it has been since my last post. And second, I must thank one of my students for finding my blog and asking when I was going to post something new. So, thanks Buddy! Spring is finally here, the weather is warmer, the grass is getting greener, my tulips are starting to appear and I have a cold. A nasty cold, that has held on for 3 weeks! It is very frustrating, especially when I'm trying to perform and teach voice lessons. So, I been trying a new herbal remedy, Kombucha, it's this herbal tea that has been fermented. It's an ancient 'elixir of life' from China and Russia. It was thought to have made you live forever. I sure know I feel alive when I drink it! It has quite a kick to it, it's very tangy. My favorite flavor is the berry and hibiscus. I think the label said the one bottle contains over a billion organisms! So, I'm hoping those little guys will get to work and make me feel better. With spring in the air, Porter has been getting quite a long to-do list, which he is so happy about.... Recently he told me that he would build me a little swinging gate to our garden, so that the dogs wouldn't be able to get in there and dig up all my lovely vegetables in the summer. On Saturday, we went to the Home Depot and bought our supplies. The most expensive item........hinges! $15 bucks a pop! I never knew a good hinge would cost so much, and we had to get 4 of them. However, I am so glad we did, the little gate is perfect and the little swinging hinges work so smoothly. He also put up some lattice for my climbing plants, so they will have some where to climb to. Next week on the agenda: putting new soil in the beds and fertilizing the lawn! So exciting!


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  1. Kombucha definitely has a kick to it - we got into it after someone raved about it at a Vitamin Cottage and I know my parents keep tons in the fridge. However, I only drink it when I'm feeling REALLY under the weather - the fermented taste/smell is too much for me!

    I hope by now you've kicked the nasty cold!