Friday, December 31, 2010

A Kiss for the New Year

A Kiss for the new year!
2010 has been a good year I think. Sure there were ups and downs but we made it just fine.
I'm trying to think of what happened in was so long ago. Porter was traveling a lot with his job at Flextronics and I was in rehearsal for Fiddler on the Roof at Hale Center Theatre.
We had a lovely Valentine's day at Sanctuary Day Spa (which I highly recommend!) Porter was choreographing Footloose at The Empress Theatre while going to school and working full time
which included lots of travel. I opened Fiddler on the Roof and my good friend Kim basically lived at our house which was awesome! I became a vegetarian after reading up on the horrors of Factory Farms.
We did the electrical work in our basement. Porter was laid off from his job at Flextronics so I put him to work on a patio out in the garden. I continued performing at Hale and working at Dancing Moose. I began an obsession with goat cheese.
Porter was hired at a company call HireVue!!!! Hooray! And the best part of all was that he didn't have to travel. My show closed and and I took some well needed R&R time. My sister-in-law Kenzie got married! I got up super early to do her hair and make-up. She looked beautiful.
We did the plumbing working in our basement. We planted a bunch of lovely plants in our garden. We got to talk to Christopher on Mother's Day, although we didn't wake up to our alarm clock and almost missed it. We took a very short trip up to Lava Hot Springs, where we had never been and stayed at the cutest little bed and breakfast call The Greystone Manor. We also had amazing Thai food up there. And I got to try out my great new swimming suit, so cute!
School got out for summer break for me! And I started teaching at the University of Utah's summer program. We had a bumper crop of strawberries and radishes. I started a love affair with Pad Thai.
We went and visited my grandparents in Montana, which was absolutes amazing, apart from the 50 degree weather. I tried ribbon fries, and watched fireworks for over an hour on all sides of me. I choreographed Lady Gaga's Bad Romance for my Youth Theatre group and loved every self indulgent moment of it. Our potatoes died unexpectedly and for no reason we could find. I was very sad. I bought my camera that I love so much!
My best friend Kim married her sweetheart Matt and became Mrs. Winters. She also abandoned me to go live in cold, snowy Logan to attend Grad-School in psychology....I'm not bitter :-P Our dog, Puck, became very ill and had to go into emergency surgery due to pair of underwear that was lodged in his intestines. He swallowed them whole! School at the Moose started for me, and my vocal studio had a bunch new students enroll. Porter and I went up in the mountains and watched a spectacular meteor shower.
We started doing drywall in our basement. I Hate dry wall. I dyed my hair Red! Well first it went purple, then we fixed it. Our basil and tomato plants flourished and I ate a lot of Caprese salad. Puck's deep stitches became infected and we had to take him back in to have an operation to fix them. We went to farmers market alot. We started a love affair with Ruth's Diner, every Sunday Morning, that's were we would be. Porter and I did a few murder mysteries with Chameleons up at the Heber Valley Railroad.
I turned a quarter century old, and Porter forgot to get me a birthday cake! We went on a fantastic trip to California where we attuned Blizzcon ( a World of Warcraft convention, lets just say Porter was in heaven), Disneyland! and we were able to visit Porter's Dad, Kyle on the boat that he lives on. On this trip I was introduced to Betsy Johnson, a designer that I love! Her clothes are so cute!
Porter and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. We hosted Thanksgiving at our house and cooked the best organic, humane raised turkey you ever saw. I must admit, I had a cheat day and ate some turkey. But mostly I ate the stuffing...mmmmm stuffing! Porter and I hit the pavement on Black Friday and got some great deals. I bought a new sewing machine so I can make marvelous things, maybe.
Porter turned 28. My vocal recital had a stellar Christmas concert. I coordinated the Dancing Moose's Christmas Concert and it was a hoot! I sold a ton of my crocheted and knitted items at a Christmas boutique and made over $200! We had our entire family (both mine and Porter's ) over for a smashing Christmas Eve Party where we all wore silly hats. Christmas was great, and we talked to my brother. He sent us amazing chocolate from England that I gorged myself on. I was cast as Amber in Hairspray that will be playing at the brand spanking new Center Point Legacy Theatre. So excited!
So all in all, it's been a pretty good year I think! Here's to 2011 being even greater! Happy New Years!

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