Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Sugarhouse Fireworks

We had a great Independence Day. We went on a fun hike, which I posted about a few days ago. We then went home and proceeded to put new shelves up in our bathroom (we had been using a flimsy shower shelf unit as an actual shelf unit, classy I know!). We also finished putting up a divider in our garden to keep the bark in it's spot and not on the patio. Then we napped, which is the BEST thing to do on a hot summer day after a long hike and projects. At least I think so. Then we were off to the the Sugar House Fireworks.

If you have never been, you should. It's crazy! There are so many people, like thousands. We parked at our friends house and walked quite a ways. People were fighting for parking a mile a way. Seriously insane, and I love it! There is something so invigorating about taking on the masses and coming out victorious. We plowed through the people with our little entourage. Then we found a hot piece of grass. We spread out our blankets and got comfy as it was only 8:30 and the show didn't start until 10:00. You might think we were early, but we saw people staking out their spots when we left for our hike that morning, we're not that hard core.
While we waited, we practiced our firework faces with the appropriate oohs and ahhs.

We went with a group of friends. Curtis, Jill and I were very happy, the fireworks were going to start soon. Porter could take his eyes of the sky though for fear of missing the first firework!

The Fireworks did start, and it was quite a show! 25 minutes of non-stop fireworks is pretty awesome, so is snuggling up with with my favorite Porter to watch them. When show was over, it took us an hour to get home. Normally we only live 10 minutes away from the park. THAT is how crazy and and crowed that place gets. It's intense! Hope to see you all there next year!

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