Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Ghost Train

The Heber Valley Railroad is a great place to go hang out. We go there at least 3-4 times a year to play. Although, you have to be careful, sometimes when we play we die. Porter did last night! Now, I don't really mean die as in dead, just die for fun. Are you lost yet? We perform in murder mysteries up there for the Chameleons Who Done It Group. Basically, a group of about 7 of us memorize our scripts, put on our costumes, run some lines and then go put on a great evening of entertainment full of fun, laughs and good times. At least one person dies in each mystery, sometimes more, and it's the audiences job to figure out who did it and why.

Last night we did one of my favorites. The characters are all on the train to hear about the ghosts that haunt the railroad. It is full of zany characters all with different motives. The show really chugs along, until one of the characters, Stu Keppler, is murdered. At this point, everyone is a suspect. The characters go ramble with the audience dropping little clues here and there in hope that one master minded sleuth can solve the mystery!

The characters from our show last night:

The Tour Guide A.K.A Choo-choo Charlie

The Ghost Groupie


The Tourists

'Kitty and Willadean'

The Clairvoyant


The Hollywood Agent


The Hollywood Bimbo


The Ghost Buster


The mysteries are really fun, plus you get a dutch oven cooked dinner and an evening train ride along the mountains and a beautiful reservoir. And who knows, maybe you will even see me! The mystery trains are a blast and I think you should all go try it at least once. Then on your way out of Heber, you have to get gelato at the Spin Cafe, it's so good! It's become our tradition to stop there on our way home and grab some for the road. The perfect ending to a great night!

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