Friday, February 17, 2012

Homemade Applejacks! little word that gets me so excited when I hear it.  I (like so many others) am hooked on this.  I love looking at all the ideas and recipes.  I have quite a few pins on my food board.  And I have begun to test them out.  I use the app for pintrest on my iphone to look at my boards and pull up the recipes.  This makes it super easy to buy ingredients at the store and to follow the recipe on my phone as I cook.  The app really isn't good for anything else in my opinion.  But it sure is helpful to look at your own boards.  Pretty much every recipe I have tried has been quite good.  And Porter sure isn't complaining.  He keeps getting new and delicious food thrown in front of him with my eager little eyes watching to see if he likes it.  One of my favorite new recipes is so easy it will make you go "what?!!  why didn't I think of that?!" or at least that's what I said when I tried it.  You will need: 1 large apple, pancake batter, butter and syrup (the real maple kind is the only way to go!) First, whip up your pancake batter in a small bowl  and set aside.  Next, core your apple, then slice it into fairly thin slices, but not too thin.  Then, take your apple slices and dunk them in the batter until they are completely coated.

 Heat up a frying pan and set the apple slices in it.  I cooked ours at a lower medium heat, and I put a lid over them so the apple would get really tender.  They cook pretty fast, so don't leave to look at facebook, or pintrest!

 You will need to flip them at some point.  When they are done, scoop them out and put some yummy butter and syrup on them and you are ready to enjoy some of the better pancakes EVER!!!!

Porter LOVES them!!!  I hope you guys all try this.  I really am not a pancake girl.  They are usually too starchy for my liking, but the apple slice in the middle is a game changer for me.  I have made them 3 times, and will probably make them again this weekend!  Which, by the way,  I hope you have a lovely (3day!!!) weekend!

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