Friday, September 14, 2012

Bear Lake Family Reunion

 This post is a little late, but better late than never right?!  Well, back in July we went up to Bear Lake for our annual Grandma Bea Family Reunion.  I absolutely adore spending time with Porters family.  They are awesome!  This is his mom's side of the family.  I actually helped plan this reunion.  Usually we go to Cherry Hill, which is fine, but there really isn't alot for us older 'kids' to do there other than watch the little kids having all the fun.  So at our Easter Party I threw out the idea of Bear Lake and everyone was totally into it, hooray!  
We stayed at the KOA campground, so basically luxury camping, except for we chose the one weekend that it rained every single day!  We had bought a new tent and boy did we get a chance to break it in.  We also had a jumping contest to see who could jump the highest.  I love that almost all of Porter's cousin's are around the same age, it makes gatherings really fun.  I grew up in a very small family with no cousins until I was in jr. high, and even then we didn't get to see each other very often, so it's nice to have a side with a big family

 Our little was tent was such a trouper!  This was our first time camping on our own (like own tent and stuff) we thought we were pretty tough, even though we did have help putting up our tent, but let's not put a damper on our toughness.  
 My camp hair, don't be jeal.  I braided everyone's hair while we were up there.  It's one of those camping rituals that must happen.
When the sun finally came out we went swimming at the lake.  This is our 'Bathing Beauties' pose.  Probably one of the best family pictures....EVER!  
 We all rented a jet ski together and took turns riding it.  I loved taking it really fast and making us skip across the water.  Porter was riding with me on back, I made him scream a couple of times, it was awesome!  
This is my inter tube ballerina passé pose.  You should have seen the leap and spin combo following this picture.  On second thought, no it's best you just see the picture ;-)  
 Sarah rented this little contraption.  It was very fun to ride around in, but we had an extra body in front and grandma and grandpa in the back, so it was basically just me and Sarah pedaling our little hearts out.  We drove it down the road to get shakes.  I think I burned a few hundred calories getting to the shake place!  It was hard.
 Eating my well deserved shake with a big dramatic bite.

 We can't have a family gathering without our playing the oh-so-competivie game of POUNCE!
Kenzie and I played on a team and we won like 3 times!  We were on FIRE.
Pretty much the best family reunion ever!  I hope we go back again.  It was much better than Cherry Hill.  Hugs and Kisses to my Grandma Bea Family!

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  1. I love a good game of Pounce!!! We should get together and play it sometime :D