Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little Bro ties the knot!

 Kit and Rachel were married in the Bountiful Temple on August 17, 2012.  They are such a beautiful couple, and I'm so excited to have Rachel as part of our family.  She is awesome!  After the sealing, we all headed up to Ogden to Jeremiah's Family Restaurant for a wedding luncheon, and Porter and I sang "A Whole New World" for them.  Later we went to Rachel's Family home for a reception.  Her family made their yard so pretty for the occasion.  My mom also had brought a bunch of potted flowers over that she has been tending to all summer long.
 I can't believe my baby brother is all grown up
 All the bridesmaids being silly.
 Porter and I had a huge bag of props and all evening we went around to groups of people and had them dress up to take funny pictures.  They turned really silly, which is perfect!
 My Dad and I.  Doesn't he look awesome?!
 More family funnies.
 The Serious picture

Mi Familia

 He totally shoved the cake in her face.
Their first dance, ahh, so cute.  They left shortly after this.  It was a really nice wedding day, however I was beat at the end of the day!  Weddings are exhausting.

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