Thursday, December 27, 2012

And They lived Swingingly Ever After

Once upon a time there lived a girl.  This girl loved to dance.  But this girl was sad.  Every time she saw a invitation to a dance she would get dressed up in her prettiest dress and put on her magical dancing shoes in hopes of a fabulous night full of dancing.  But much to her chagrin all the dances held in the kingdom were not dances that she liked.  She was fond of the old school dancing that she read of in books and heard tale of from the ancients.  The dances held in the Kingdom of the Salt Lake were new dances that bumped and grinded, not the kind of dance that would let her be swept of her feet by a handsome prince.  Then one day her friend told her of a magical dance being held in a distant land of Ogden.  This was a dance like no other, where everyone would dress up from days gone by and dance the mythical 'swing dance.'  She was so excited!  But what would she wear?  She didn't have any clothes from yesteryear.  But she was lucky.  Fortune favored her, and she remembered that her Fairy Godmother had given her a gift card to Betty Page, a wonderful store full of retro-tastical dresses.  Her prince whisked her away and together they found the perfect dress.  

That night she curled and pinned her hair, lined her lips in the deepest red lipstick she could find, and put on her magical dancing shoes.  
She and the prince were carried away in their magical Subaru carriage to O-town.  When she arrived it was everything she ever dreamed of.  There was a live band and all her friends were there. 

 Her Prince quickly whisked her onto the dance floor and they danced the night away.  But when the clock struck 10:30 they had to return home to their own kingdom of the Salt Lake or else they would turn into pumpkins.  So she took leave of the magical dance hall and hung up her dancing shoes.  But she knew someday she would return to burn the floor up with her Prince.  
And they lived Swingingly Ever After.

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