Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hampton Court Palace

The Gates leading into Hampton Court
 Hampton Court Palace is a beautiful Tudor palace that is super close to our house.  I didn't even realize it was there till I looked at the map a few weeks ago and was like, "Holy Cow!, there is a palace in our back yard!"  So we jumped on a train and headed out.

Getting was a long walk from the road.

The guardians that wait at the front gate.  I love all the unicorns, dragons, and lions they have on everything.

Made it to the entrance!

The fireplaces were huge!!!

The beds were epic as well.

And one of my favorite places, the chocolate kitchen.  This is a special place where the coco beans were roasted and processed into drinking chocolate for the king.

These little guys were giving a demonstration of how to process the beans, and letting people taste them as well.  The beans were pretty gross.  It reminded me of when I was little, my mom had a big bin of coco.  I thought that the coco would taste so good, just like chocolate.  So one day I took a spoonful and stuffed it in my mouth, only to realize the horrible truth, coco is really bitter and gross.  The beans that we tried were about the same as that.  However, it was still fun to watch them grind the beans, and I'm sure it tastes better once it's put into drink form.

Palace Garden

The Dahlia Garden

We walked through the hedge maze, and totally got lost.

I kept looking for the exit, but Porter said the point of the maze was not to find the exit, we were actually looking for the center of the maze.  I've never done that before, I always just want out.  But we found it!  Huzzah!

A quick Instagram video of the maze.

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