Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Swiss Misses 2k15 Road Trip: Part 1

When my ex-pat friends and I bonded here in London we had many morning chats over tea and crumpets about how we should leave our men for a few days and go on a European Girls Trip.  We talked about it, and talked about it.  Then one day, we were like, we had better do this or it will not happen.  So we had a couple planning meetings, whipped out the plastic, and BAM!, girls trip to Switzerland was booked!

I had a lot of people ask me "why Switzerland?!"  My response, "why not Switzerland?"  Seriously, just google Images of Switzerland and tell me you don't want to go there.  It looked gorgeous.  I also had several people tell me how amazing it was.  We wanted to go somewhere that our other halves wouldn't be sad to miss or had already been.  So: Switzerland.  (Although, after hearing about our trip, I think they want to go)

Day 1:

Everything went very well getting out flights and our rental car.  Nicki offered to drive.  She drove our little car all over, up, down and through those Swiss Alps.
Our first stop was on Lake Geneva by a cute little Chateau.

The water in Switzerland is amazing.  It is a deep blue color and it is very clear.  I could see every rock on the bottom of the lakes.  One of my favorite things was to watch the little ducks dive to the bottom and get food.  In most of the pictures I took the water looks incredibly smooth.  I really wish I could have just taken some water home.  It was that fantastic.

Lake Geneva

We spent the night at a hotel in Montreux and ate way over priced pizza and pasta.  This is all 4 of us cramming into the little elevator.  There wasn't enough room for the pizza, so Nicki and Vicki had to hold it above their heads!

It was so much fun to share a room with 3 other girls.  I felt like we were at Swiss Camp.  Caty was lucky this night in the coin toss and got her own private corner of the room.

Day 2:

Chateu de Chillon and Zermatt

The Chateau was gorgeous!  We hiked up the motorway to get a picture of it by the lake.  I noticed that most of the castles in Switzerland are really well intact.  I feel like in England, most castles have seen some pretty rough days, resulting in a range of damage.  But here, the chateaus were really great.  I loved seeing the different architecture.  

Miss Caty took a nice glamor shot of me on Lake Geneva.  I love traveling with photographers.  We all just hung out enjoying the views and taking loads of photos.

 You know how when you travel your hair gets all oily and gross?  Well, none of us brought dry shampoo, so our hair was all fluffy, oily, and dirty, TMI?  We also had discussions on if dirty hair was actually a bad thing as it holds curl alot better when it's not clean.  So on this trip we decided to start a band titled: Dirty Hair.  This will be the album cover of our first release, SwissCasiYes.   That name comes from a night where I wanted to go to a Casino.  Nicki informed us that it was a CasiNo, to which we replied, it was a CasiYes!  Although, in the end we didn't end up going to the casino.

After a lovely morning meandering along Lake Geneva and The Chateau de Chillon we left the beautiful blue water and headed into the mountains to conquer the Alps.  We drove as far as we could to Zermatt, but there are not automobiles allowed in the town.  We had to jump on a train that takes everyone into the resort.  Going up the mountain, it felt just like the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland!  We all gave Mr. Walt two big thumbs up.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a horse drawn carriage that takes people to their hotel.  At our 10 year reunion tour we plan to take the carriage and stay in the fancy hotel.

Zermatt: The genesis of alpine resorts, or at least thats what Nicki called it.

 We stopped in to a Witch themed bar and grabbed some mulled punch.  It was fun sitting outside, all cozy in blankets, drinking Christmasy drinks.  The town would be magical at Christmas time.  I think I'm already planning a Christmas ski trip, maybe...

We made it to the Matterhorn!!!!  It was fun to actually see the real deal.  The sun was quite bright that day, but it made it seem like the mountain had a halo around it.

The Matterhorn is behind us, but it was so bright you can't tell.

We said our goodbyes to Zermatt and headed down the mountain, only to realize we had to go back up another mountain to get to Leukerbad.  Driving up the Alps is not for the faint of heart.  Looking over the edge of a steep cliffs, we could pretty much see our death waving at us.  Nicki was a serious trooper and drove us up the crazy road beeping the horn around every hair pin-turn.

However, the views were amazing.

When we finally made it to the hotel, we settled in and then went in hunt of fondue.  When we found the restaurant it smelt like stinking cheese and beer, so we were hopeful it would be really good Swiss fondue.  It did not disappoint.  And, I mean, having Swiss fondue in the Swiss Alps, it was just too perfect to pass up.

I hope you can see just how excited I am in the picture getting ready to take my first bite.  The plates they used were adorable.  The waitress kept trying to give us more bread, but we were so full by the end we just couldn't.

To be continued.....

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