Thursday, March 26, 2015

Swiss Misses 2k15 Road Trip: Part 2

This was the reason for our pilgrimage to Switzerland: The Walliser Alpentherme.  This amazing spa is up on top of the mountain and is filled with geothermic water from the Alps.  It was amazing, to say the least.

But before hitting the spa, we needed a breakfast of champions.  The little sandwiches they had at the the cafe, were covered in the same gelatin that is used on fruit tarts.  The lady at the shop told me it's to keep them looking good all day.  It also keeps the garnishes in place.  I just liked it because it was the prettiest little egg salad sandwich I had ever eaten.  And my drink, with a cute little heart, I was dying.

I bet all the people there thought we were crazy bringing our cell phones and camera by and in the pool.  But seriously, how could we not take pictures?  It was so beautiful.  
Photo by: Caty Gainer
Photo by Vicki Pleasant

I loved my swimsuit by Unique Vintage from Endless Indulgence!
Photo by: Caty Gainer
We spent the whole morning lazing about in the pools.  It was pure bliss.  I could do an entire vacation in Leukerbad.

We said goodbye to the luxurious water and made our way back down the mountain, on our way to Interlaken. 

The next part of our story gets exciting and scary all at once.  I was using the GoogleFu to navigate our course.  I thought I had it all work out.  It was basically a straight shot through the mountains.  What I didn't realize was that we were in fact on course to go right through a mountain.  The road stopped and there was a toll booth, but there was not a road on the other side....only a train track.  We were supposed to put the car on a train and ride in the car, on the train, through a mountain.  Let me say that again.  Ride in our car, on a train, through the mountain, in the rain.  It sounds bit like a Dr. Seuss book!  We were nervous, and excited, and scared.  

This is a picture of the car train.  You just drive down it till you come to the back of another car.  Then you put on your parking break and say a little prayer that the break will hold, because all the cars are stacked really close together.

The best part of the tunnel was when Nicki sang us the creepy Willy Wonka Song in the pitch black tunnel while the train was accelerating with great speed.   

 We finally made it to Interlaken after the tunnel.  The town was nice, but not our favorite.  In retrospect we should have gone on a gondola ride there up to a mountain village.  We will just have to go back I guess!

The beautiful ladies checking out the city.  

More pictures of the epic views from the mountains.

 We headed to our hotel near Lucern.  This was another GoogleMap adventure.  Something to note about the GoogleFu is that it takes you on the closest, shortest route possible.  When we were driving we had to reroute as we overshot our exit.  The Google then proceeded to take us up a narrow, dirt, mountain goat path, up into the hills/mountains.  I am amazed that our little car made it up.  There was one point where the road went to a very steep incline and I was like, "Nicki, make the car go up better!"  And she was like, "It's not me, I'm trying, it's the car!"  I was afraid the car would roll down the mountain, backwards.  But we had just survived the crazy tunnel of Wonka, we couldn't die now!  Luckily, we finally made it.  And apparently there is a much easier way that is paved, it was just on the other side of the mountain.

We were on top of Switzerland!

Our Hotel: Hotel Himmelrich

 Swiss Chocolate is to die for!  I pretty much ate my weight in it while we were there.

I thought I could do this trip in 2 posts, but it looks like I need another post for Lucerne and Neufchatel.

To be continued.... 

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