Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Houston: A Forecast of Thunderstorms and Jolly Good Times

Twice a year we get to fly home.  Our semi-annual trip was approaching and we decided to include a quick stop to Houston to visit our friends Brendan and Tiffany.  They had come to London to spend Christmas, so it was our turn to visit.  We were so excited for some beach time and board game time!

Porter loves reading comics to pass the time on the long air plane ride.  I actually think we are getting pretty good at long plane rides.  We flew Virgin Atlantic this time via Delta, and loved it!  Just FYI if you are looking to fly to Europe.

 However, long flights are still long.

One of the first things we did was go sailing!  Brendan and Tiffany are training to become pirates.  They had some pretty mean sailing skills.

We were rained on pretty hard, so Tiff and I hid down below, while trying not to get sea sick.

"A Beautiful Day for a Beautiful Sail"

Porter and I snuck out to the bow of the boat for a fun Titanic moment and photo opp.

Another good thing about Houston: TexMex!

These tacos were amazing, I still dream about them sometimes.

Taco Face!!!  Because, let's be honest, you can't eat a taco without making the face.  Go on try it, I know you are thinking about it now.

Porter's Taco Face

We went treasure hunting on Hipster Row at all these fabulous second hand shops.  Our favorite was a men's shop that was full of manly man stuff like fancy boots, jerky, and mustache wax.

 Beach time with this Bathing Beauty!  We had so much fun splashing around at Galveston Bay.  However, RIP to Tiff's sunglasses.  We were diving into waves, and the wave ate them.

 Catching some rays.

Tiffany made us the best watermelon juice.  That is one thing they really don't have a lot of here in England, is good watermelon.  Utah has amazing watermelon, as does Houston, so this was a welcomed treat!

The pirate ship that Brendan and Tiff are going to sail later this year.

An old movie theatre turned TEXMEX!

The last night of our stay we decided to go for a fancy night out at Underbelly.  This restaurant is amazing.  If you go to Houston, promise me that you will go.  Anyway, during our dinner it started raining.  We didn't think anything of it.  Just a normal thunderstorm, right?  Wrong.  When we were eating, at the exact same moment, everyone's phone when off with a flash flood warning for our area.  It was wet out side but we still weren't concerened.  However, as dinner ended and we got in the car to drive home, we soon realized this was not just a thunderstorm.  More like Thunderstormageddon.  The roads starting flooding, fast.  The bayous were filling up like crazy.  We drove around for almost 3 hours trying to get the car home, but in the end, we had to park the car on high ground and walk home through the water.  Porter and I had never been in a tropical thunderstorm with flooding, so it was very exciting and a bit scary for us.  

This was us waiting for Tiff to bring us provisions for our walk home. 

The flood waters rising.

One of the bayous.

 We loved our time in Houston and plan to go back soon, but for now, I prefer to be above the Thunderstorms, not below them.

Bonus Footage!
We always play epic boardgames with Brendan and Tiff.  This was some of our Battlestar Galactica Game with the Bounty Hunter Expansion.  I love this game, but it stresses me out.  Brendan was a bounty hunter coming after our wanted crew!  If only my favorite crew members weren't so naughty and getting themselves in trouble with the law.  This is the real reason we have to go back.  We need a rematch. ;)

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