Thursday, July 9, 2015

Spring Break to Utah

After Houston, we caught a plane to Utah.  Going home is great.  We get to see friends and family that we miss in England.  We eat all the food that we can't find in London (good Mexican), have late night campfires, make s'mores, and go shopping at all our old stores.  However, there is also a downside to going home: the dentist.  We still go to our Utah dentist because we love them, and they are great, but this last visit, I had to get a crown.  ... ... ... ... ... I felt like my mouth had betrayed me!  I take really good care of my teeth.  But I guess it's genetic?  That's what they said anyway.  So I went 3 different times to get things sorted.  I'm glad my US dentist could help me, but now I'm a bit obsessed with my teeth, like tons of brushing, flossing, mouth wash, oil pulling.  I'm becoming a crazy lady, but I do not want a repeat to last time.

We always go stay with our friends Ali and Jon for a night.  We eat great food, play games and have a fabulous time.  Ali always has the cutest guest room set up!

We saw a double rainbow at their house!

And then Ali made the yummiest breakfast.  I love her frittatas!

We had some good family time as well.  This was after a little jam session at my Dad's girlfriend's house.  She has a lovely baby grand piano.  We all took turns playing and singing.

Rachel and I got pedicures.  It was heaven!  

I had an blushing purple and her color was electric watermelon.

We had to grab some Utah hiking before we left.  This was up Lamb's canyon near Park City.  We told Kyle we wanted a nice easy walk, so he took us up a mountain...  However the view was great once we made it up.

Goodbye Utah!  Until next time.

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