Saturday, April 10, 2010

Poodles get Poodlified

We haven't cut the puppies hair since the fall. Not counting the horrific haircut I tried to give Daisy. (She ended up looking like an old man dog, seriously) So, as you can imagine with their curly hair that is thicker than thick, there was a lot of hair to be dealt with. We try to brush it, but they don't hold still, and it can be quite a challenge. We took them into Petsmart, but I don't think the ladies there were very excited. They told us, they would have to shave them down a lot because the hair was just too thick. We were fine with that, after all $100 ish dollars later, we wanted the hair-do to last a while. So, 5 hours later this is what we got


  1. I still love them, but they are SO skinny now. It's a little wierd! And it's much harder to tell them apart now!