Friday, July 9, 2010

The Wilds of Montana

Ribbon Fries!
Lake Como

Watching Fireworks in 50 degree weather.

Porter I finally were able to take a vacation together! We were very excited. We got the car packed and ready for our 8 hr. drive up to Hamilton, Montana. My grandparents live there. I actually drove half of the way. Usually I try and get Porter to do most of the driving, hehehe! But I did my fair share this time. On our drive we saw over 20 deer (we stopped counting at 20) and I also saw elk, and LlAMAS!!! I love Llamas, they are so cute.

We had a blast in Hamilton. We went to the Farmers market and I found lotion made from goats milk, we also found a fabulous booth with yummy cheesy crisps. Although, I bought a red velvet cake.....and it was the worst cake ever. So bland, I couldn't taste anything. It looked delicious, but I guess that's all it had going for it.

We went to the rodeo and walked around. I tried "ribbon fries," a potato spiral cut then deep fried. It was kind of like a cross between french fries and potato chips. Very tasty. We spent our forth of July at Lake Como. It was beautiful, but a little chilly. I didn't actually get in the water, just sat on the beach and read. It was delightful. That night, we went back down to the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks. I swear, every neighborhood up there has a firework show. I kid you not, all 360 degrees around me fireworks were going off. I didn't know where to look! The fireworks went on for about an hour. I found myself this ever going to end? Which I never think during fireworks. There were just so many. I went into sensory overload.

We also hiked up Blogget Canyon Overlook. It was a nice hike. And what an amazing view! It was beautiful up there. And we got reception as well, my dad called Porter when we were at the top.

We had a lovely time with my grandparents. They are always so fun to stay with and they have such a fabulous home. The garden was flourishing. I admit...I always have a bit of garden envy when I go up there. On the last night there we made a fire and roasted marshmallows and made banana boats. They had never made them before. I don't think my grandpa knew what to do with it when it was all cooked. He had to examine it and give a few pokes before he could eat it!

It was sad to leave but we made it home safe (I also drove half of the way home *pats self on the back*). It's nice to be home. We missed the puppies!
Looking up Blogget Canyon

Two squirrels kissing.....ah!

View of the Bitteroot Valley

That flower has a lot of gumption


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  1. Those ribbon fries were amazing! That was such a nice trip. Why can't life always be that chill?