Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Epic Museum

The Louvre

We got up super early so we could get there before it opened. When we arrived there was still a huge line. I told Porter we had to bee-line it to the Mona Lisa, other wise I wouldn't have the fire later in the day to fight the crowds to get close to her.
Whew! We made it, and not only did I edge my way to the front, I also got a shot without anyone in it!

This is the real deal Ladies and Gents. There is a glare because she is behind glass. I was actually disappointed, she wasn't as stunning as I was hoping for. There are so many other paintings there that I liked more. But still, it was fun to see it.

The crowd to see the Mona Lisa, and not many people were in there yet. Imagine it at noon, yikes!

An artist recreating a portrait. These artists were everywhere, and boy, were they good. In some cases I liked their work more than the original. It was fresher looking, the paint wasn't cracked like it was on the hundred year old paintings. It's nice to get a glimpse of what the originals may have looked like in their youth.

The Venus de Milo

This is one of my favorite statues ever! Cupid and Psyche, it's just stunning.

Statues of the 4 seasons.

Any Dr. Who fans out there who have seen the episodes with the weeping angels? Well, all I could think of while walking through the statues was the episode "Blink," I will never view statues the same way ever again.

Huge stone carvings!

The Louvre's naughty picture!

Apparently the the nipple pinch means that the King liked the sister who is getting pinched the most and that she was pregnant with his child.

There were so many paintings! Honestly, it was a bit over whelming.

We were so tired! We found some great red velvet couches and stopped to rest and regroup. Porter is trying to figure out where the heck we are because we were completely lost. The old palace is enormous. If you were living there back in the day it would seriously take you half an hour to get from your bedroom down to the other side. But all in all, we had a great day. I'm really glad we made time to spend a day seeing such beautiful art.

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