Friday, April 4, 2014

The Only Thing that is Certain in Life is Change

Where to start.....a few weeks ago Porter and I made a little announcement on Facebook that we were moving to London.  For most this was a complete surprise as we really haven't talked about it publicly.  It has actually been in the works for about 6 months.  Last November Porter came home and told me that his company, HireVue (they are awesome, go check them out), was embarking on an expansion into Europe.  Porter was very excited and wanted to apply for the position of one person from the home office going to join the team over seas.  I told him, sure, why not?  However, I don't think I really thought I would actually be moving to a different country 6 months later.

The process took a while, and we had no idea if it was happening or not, hence we really didn't say anything.  But in late February Porter had his interview and told me it went well.  A few weeks later it was official, he had been chosen.  So then came the stressful part of negotiations and making plans.  So the plan is for us to be over there 1-2 years, although Porter keeps telling me to just plan on 2 years.  We went to London last week.  Porter had lots of meetings and work sessions, I was house hunting.  I sorted through hundreds of properties and narrowed it down to about 50.  I saw 20 houses a day for 2 days, then the last day we saw 10.  I was dreaming about houses, oy!  We have decided to live in Wimbledon, so south west London and we found a place there that we plan to make an offer on. It's a 3 bed, 1 and a half bath and its adorable.  Plus it has a palm tree, which is crazy because it's freaking London!  Perhaps I will name the palm tree.

This trip was fun but also stressful.  Everyone keeps telling me how exciting and what an adventure, which don't get me wrong it is, but there is so much stuff to take care of.  I'm freaking out just a bit.  I think I will be excited when everything is done and we get on the plane to move.  Oh, so in the middle of an international move, I am also finishing my final semester of Graduate school, which means finishing my thesis.  That is also making life exciting.  I think it will be odd going from crazy busy here, to super quiet over there as I won't be working immediately.  I am going to be looking at colleges that needs adjunct vocal teachers and also companies looking at gamification, two completely different industries, but I love them both, and I would love to put my degree to work.

I am going to miss Salt Lake City so much.  I love it here.  I have so many wonderful family members and friends here, plus our cute little house (which is for rent while were gone, btw), my vocal studio and all my cute students, and I have all my awesome shopping locations.  But no worries we will be back.  Porter thinks we might fall in love and want to live there forever, but I don't know.  This blog will hopefully get a lot more active.  It will be my way to show what we are up to and what it's like living as an expat in London.  The first item on my list when we move is to find and excellent sticky toffee pudding, and then maybe a bed.  Cheers!

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  1. So happy the house hunt went well! I do not envy you the simultaneous graduate school completion and international move.

    When we moved from SLC we were absolutely still in love with it. It stung a little, but I think in the end (if you have to move), it is better to do so when you still like your former home. It always leaves you a place to go back to just in case :)