Sunday, July 6, 2014

Let Me Sum UP. Part 1

In order to blog about current events I need to catch up.  Currently we are living in London and made the big move over the pond.  The past 6 weeks have been the craziest of my life.  Let me 'splain

Before moving to London we decided we needed to embark on a farewell tour to see all our relatives before our few years abroad.  We had been making time to see our family in Utah, however most of my family live out of state.  We booked some travel to go to Oregon/Washington area to spend some time with those folks.  Can I just say that the NorthWest is just incredible!  I love how lush and green it always is.  I keep telling Porter that we could move there.  I mean, I guess I could deal with living in such a gorgeous place, I'd make it work.  This is a picture of me, my dad, my uncle and my Grandpa Fair.

How could we go to Oregon and not stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory?!  Porter loves the ice cream there, but I go for the squeaky cheese and the fudge.  My grandparents live 15 minutes from this place, which is wonderful and dangerous all at the same time.

We headed up to Boring, Oregon, which despite it's name, is not boring at all.  My cousin, Jordan, does jumping lessons there.  We were able to watch her do her thing and jump!  She is pretty great and wins all sorts of ribbons for her horse jumping.

Voodoo Donuts is a must every time we go to Portland.  I'm not really a huge donut fan, but jeez these guys are good.  It was my dad's maiden voyage to Voodoo and what did he want?  Just plain old fashioned.  He just said he likes what he likes.  Who am I to play God of the donuts and tell him what donut to get?  But when I go, I get a peach fritter because I can't find them any where else.

The Portland LDS Temple

Okay, switching gears.  We had a great time in Oregon, we flew home on Sunday evening then flew out on Monday evening to London for our final house hunting trip.  Our flight was delayed out of SLC by an hour and a half (our layover was an hour and forty-five minutes).  We were literally sprinting through the airport to make our connection.  But we made it, thankfully!  This was the trip that we secured our house on.  We also had a little down time on this trip because of how quickly we picked a house.

My friend Kim and her husband Matt were in London so we met up with them for and evening stroll in Hyde Park.  We saw swans and found the Peter Pan statue from "Hook."

We saw the Marble Arch.

And we went to the British Museum, twice!

Plus, we had the best tub EVER in our hotel room.  I had a brief love affair and took bubble baths every single night.

Sadly, all the fun and games came to an end.  We flew home the next Sunday and began packing.  We were up at 6 am every day and didn't go to sleep till midnight.  We did this for 6 days straight in order to get our house packed, moved, fixed and cleaned in time for our renters to move in on June 1st.
This pic is of the the day the international shippers came to collect our things.  I sure hope we see all these boxes again soon!

We had so much help from family and friends.  We really could not have done what we did in the time we had without them.  They are all rockstars and I am so blessed to have such amazing, generous people in my life.  Here is Porter's mom, Bonnie helping us clean and Daisy is keeping her company.

So we saw family, traveled to the other side of the globe, secured a house, did some sight seeing and moved out of our home all in about a 2 week time span.  It was exhausting and I am so happy it's (the whole moving part) is over.

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