Monday, January 31, 2011

Conquers of Catan

Have you ever played Settlers of Catan? If you haven't, you need to. It is such great fun!!! I love it, although, I must admit it brings out a side of me that is a little scary. I get really competitive, and if things start going south, Oh, boy....look out. Some times, I honestly don't think Porter and I should be allowed to play together, I get so mad at him when he takes me out. And he does almost every game! He is the Evil Empire of Catan!
We went to dinner with our good friends Brendan and Tiffany. They are an adorable couple, and so much fun to hang out with! Tiffany and I work together, that's how we all met. After dinner we invited them over to play games. I hadn't played Catan in so long that I was a little rusty, but it felt so good to play again! We must have a rematch soon. Except for this time, I think I should win, haha! Brendan and Porter were tied for a long time, but Brendan pulled ahead to win the whole thing. And now he is Internet famous as the Conquer of Catan! That is until next time *insert sound effect* dun...dun.....Dun!!!!

This is the ending game board. The goal is to build cities and settlements and expand your empire. I was blue, so you can see I didn't really expand, I got all boxed in by the mean boys. :P

The very cute Brendan and Tiffany! Did I mention they are engaged!!!! And you can see Puck in the background, he was so in a tizzy all night. Tiffany had a laser pointer, and she would periodically shine it around the room. Puck was in constant state of excitement the whole night.

When playing Catan, one must plan strategically.

All night the dogs kept fighting over who got to be petted. Puck is winning right here. "And jealousy rears it's fluffy white head." -Tiffany

I did some fun make-up that night. One, because I love trying new colors and looks out. Two, in "Hairspray" (which opens Feb. 14) I need to be wearing blues and greens, so I wanted to take a test drive with them. The verdict: I like it! I think I might wear them more often. I have a blue I love, it's MAC water nymph. It's very pretty.

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