Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where have I been???

So, I haven't done a post in about a week. And it's not because I forgot or didn't want too, quite the opposite actually. I've been so proud of all the posts I've been doing, so the little voice has been nagging at me constantly to blog. Unfortunately, I've been so tired every night when I get home that I have no energy to get on the computer. Why do I have no energy??? Well, let me tell you! I am involved in a really fun musical called "Hairspray." I play Amber Von Tussel, she is the brat in the show. We are in the thick of rehearsals. This is a clip from a number we staged today. It's the opener of Act II. We are all in jail at this point. It's called "The Big Doll House." This is going to be a very fun show! It opens Feb. 11 at the brand new Center Point Legacy Theatre. I'm in the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday cast.

However, I'm getting surgery this Thursday on my nose. I have a deviated septum and I've had it scheduled for months now. I'm so nervous!!!!! I hope it only takes me a few days to recover, fingers crossed! Oh, and I hate needles, so not looking for to the IV and such.

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