Monday, January 3, 2011


Which one???

Water. We drink it everyday. It's one of those things in life we just do. I have actually been drinking mostly water with only a little juice and milk. It is the healthiest drink for us I've been told. But sometimes I get bored with the same old tap water day in and day out. So, I become fond of some different bottled waters, and then I was introduced to Fiji water. That is what ruined me I think. Just the packaging and the bottle were so alluring, and the taste...oh the taste! It was exotic water, imported water. I then started trying "artisan water" or waters bottled from different countries and exported to water snobs like myself. I tried different waters from around the world. So far, I think my favorite is a brand from Iceland. And maybe I just like it because they spouted a bunch of info about the pH level in it being perfect for our body and Icelanders living longer because of the water, but the water tastes so delicious.

Porter thinks my water obsession is silly. Whenever we go to Whole Foods I look at the water section longingly, especially at the Voss water. Over my shoulder I hear that distinct "Honey." Which translated means "don't even think about it, we are not spending $4 on a bottle of water" But it doesn't stop me from eyeing that glittery, refreshing beauty sitting on the shelf.

To prove to Porter that there was a difference in the water I bought a bottle of Voss and Fiji waters. Then I filled up a bottle of water from our fridge filter. I put them all in the fridge so they would be the same temperature. Then we took 3 identical, clear, shot glasses and I had Porter fill them up in the kitchen, so I couldn't see, putting one cup with each kind of water. He then brought them out and I was challenged to distinguish each of the waters.

It took me about 3 minutes of taking little sips of all of them. One was a little metallic tasting, another was mild and the third was a bit thinner. Then came the moment of truth. Glass one: Voss, glass two: fridge filter, glass three: Fiji ................ I waited in suspense .................. Correct! Porter said I got all three right!!!!!! Hooray! I can now get my artisan water and not feel badly because I can taste a difference! Although, I do admit $4 for a glass of water is a bit extravagant. Perhaps every once in a while, just as a treat :D

Oh, I had Porter take the taste test two. He guessed the Fiji, but mixed up the Voss and the fridge filter.

Let me know if you have a favorite water, I would love to try it!!!!


  1. OOO! I think this calls for some SCIENCE! first, a water taste test...then ORGANIC BANANAS!

  2. That is funny. I am the same about water, but like Porter, Jeff thinks I am nuts. I have never tried the Vos water, I will have to try it and have to try a taste test of different kinds. Our tap water is nasty, I don't know what kind of nasty toxins I am getting still.